Everything You Wanted to Know about Safety Pool Covers

Custom Safety Pool Cover

Cool weather’s coming, with the leaves starting to change their colors and the nights growing longer. That means it’s time to start shutting down your swimming pool for the season. And while there are plenty of steps you should take during this process, installing a pool safety cover is one that could be a lifesaver – literally.

Safety pool covers are designed differently from standard covers and they accomplish much more. They’ll still help keep debris out of your pool and reduce chemical expenses, but these covers also help protect your family from accidental drowning. If you’re wondering if a safety pool cover  is right for you, taking a closer look at what it offers is a step well worth taking. 

Basically, safety pool covers are made from a much tougher material than traditional types of pool covers. It’s worth mentioning now that if you have an above ground pool, the only way you’ll be able to install a safety pool cover over it is if the pool is completely surrounded by a deck.

That’s because these pool covers attach to anchors installed within the deck. The straps that hold the cover run to springs which then attach to these anchors, giving it the strength that is needed to protect those who fall into it from drowning.

Anchors can be mounted into almost any material, from wood to concrete and beyond. And before you ask, the anchors are mounted flush with the surface of the deck to prevent those painful stubbed toes or dangerous trips. Our safety pool covers come in a variety of different colors, so no matter what your style is you’ll be able to find it.

You can match your cover to your home, your pool furniture, or whatever else you need to match it up with. Be sure to take a good look at scrim numbers when you’re shopping for safety pool covers, since these tell you how dense the weave is. 

That helps indicate just how dense and strong the material used in the safety pool cover is. Quality covers will be rated to around 485 pounds per five square feet and in some cases to even more. The other point to consider with pool safety pool covers is whether or not you want a mesh or solid one. 

Solid ones are just what they sound like, and block out every bit of debris, dirt, and sunlight from the pool. Mesh ones are designed with small perforations to allow drainage. They’ll let in more light and possibly some debris, but in areas with heavy snow or rainfall they ensure that the weight of the water on them doesn’t ruin the cover.

You’ll want to think about your climate and the weather you get over a winter to figure out which option is right for you. Installing safety pool covers is easier than most people realize. 

It’s basically the same as a standard pool cover, only with the extra step of using the lanyards and anchors instead of just weighting down the edges. If you have kids, pets, or are just concerned about the overall safety of your pool when you close it down for the season, upgrading to a safety pool cover is probably a good idea.

Playset Maintenance 101 – An Overview

Playset Canopy Tarp

If you’ve got kids there’s a good chance you have a play set in the backyard. Whether it’s a huge, elaborate one or just a basic swing and slide one, it’s probably one of your kid’s favorite things.

And it’s likely one of yours, as well – few things are able to stimulate a child’s mind and body quite like a play set, so it’s always good to see them up and moving. 

But you can’t just buy a play set and then ignore it. From the Play Set Canopy to the slide, the anchors to the monkey bars, you have to perform a little routine maintenance to keep it in top shape.

There are a few basic things that go into the maintenance of a play set, and understanding each of them is important. Some things are very obvious while others – like the play set canopy tarp – are easy to overlook.

Maintaining your child’s play set will not only help extend its overall longevity, but it will also reduce the chances of your kids being injured on the play set.  Just a little bit of effort goes a long way towards improving any canopy, so be sure that you add play set work to your annual maintenance schedule. It’s just as important as lawn work, and usually a lot easier.

To begin with, you’ll just want to do a visual spot check. Examine each aspect of the play set visually before you even touch it. Is the paint or stain cracked, chipping, or fading? Is the play set canopy damaged? 

Do you see large splinters, missing bolts, or any other potential hazards? Make a note of anything you spot as you’re examining the play set. Now do a hands-on exam. 

Check each bolt to make sure they’re tight. Run your hand along the surface of the slide to make sure no slivers exist. Tug-test swings, canopies, monkey bars, and other components for durability. And be sure to make sure the ground anchors are holding to prevent a tip-over situation.

Once you’ve examined the play set you should have a good idea of just what needs to be done. Every so often you’ll probably have to sand the surface and re-stain it for protection.

You may need to tighten or replace bolts, add new screws to some areas, and more. Be sure to remove any wood splinters or metal slivers as well. If anchors are loosening, it may be time to replace them. You could have to replace the sand in the sandbox if it’s become soiled.

All in all, you’ll just run back through your checklist and correct any problems that may exist one by one.

It’s important that you don’t ignore any of the play set’s needs. One area that really gets neglected is the play set canopy over the clubhouse side of the play set.

But just because it’s damaged doesn’t mean you should just remove it and ignore it. It’s easy and inexpensive to order a new play set canopy, and really is a good idea.

Canopies help protect the wood underneath and will shield your kids from the sun during play. They also add a little bit of fun to a kid’s time on the playground since they can add a tent or roof like feel to their games.

ll in all, play set maintenance isn’t usually something that takes an extremely long amount of time to perform.

But it’s one of the most important things you can do since it can reduce the risk of injury and extend the lifespan of your play set.

Take a couple of hours once or twice per year to give your play set a once-over. You and your children will be glad that you did.

Pergola Shade Cloth – Getting a Little Extra Shade

Pergola Shade Cloth

A pergola may be a great way to enjoy a few hours outside without too much sun, but let’s be honest – the only way they’re really effective is when the sun is in that perfect spot.

When it’s hitting your patio or deck full on, the odds are that the pergola isn’t really going to do much for you in terms of blocking out the sun. 

That’s where pergola Shade Cloth can come into play. By adding a simple shade cloth fabric to your pergola you can escape from the dangerous UV rays and enjoy being outside any time of day no matter where the sun is hanging in the sky.

Essentially, shade cloth used for pergola shade is just what it sounds like. There are several different types of shade cloth available and it can be custom fit for your pergola, patio, gazebo, carport, playground, or any other area that you feel needs a little extra shade.

They provide different levels of UV protection depending on the actual type of canvas material you choose to use, but all of the different options are well worth taking a closer look at due to the increasing number of studies that detail the risks associated with the sun and overexposure to it.

Commercial 95 Shade Fabric is one of the highest quality shade cloths you can choose to purchase. It provides up to ninety eight percent UV blockage, which means that you don’t have to worry about skin damage caused by the sun when you’re hanging out underneath it. 

It’s designed to be moisture resistant and won’t support the growth of mold or mildew. And due to its quality knitted design, it’s almost tear-proof.

Coolaroo Shade Fabric is the second option and it too is a knitted material that provides protection from the sun’s rays. Its UV protection rating is between 70 and 90 percent and is available in larger bulk sizes. 

It’s usually a better option if you’re not as concerned about high UV protection, if you’re on a tighter budget, or if you have very large areas that you need to cover.

It’s designed not to rot or grow mold and won’t change its size in the heat of the day, something that is a problem with some other materials used in shade cloth and pergola shades.

Either of these fabrics will usually come with a ten year warranty, provided they’re used properly. And installation is very easy to do. While many people opt to let the pros handle it, the fact is that with just a few basic tools you can install your pergola shades on your own.

If you’re planning on installing your shades by yourself, remember that you should use either heavy-duty staples or screws with washers. You’ll simply align the edges of your shade cloth with the appropriate edges of the pergola and fasten it down.

Washers are needed for screws since they’ll actually cover much more space on the material and eliminate the risk of tears, rips, and loosened areas. 

With two people, installing an average sized shade cloth will take only a few hours of work. But the enjoyment you get from one will last far longer and give you years of quality protection.

Snowmobile Covers – Staying Mobile

Snowmobile Covers

For some people, a snowmobile is basically a way to have fun and enjoy some time out in a winter wonderland. 

For those living in colder climates that are a bit more isolated, it could be a primary means of transportation. No matter what it’s used for, a snowmobile is a machine, and all machines need to be taken care of in order to work their best.

This is true during use and during periods of time when it’s not being used, and there’s no doubt that something as simple as a snowmobile cover could have a huge impact on the overall longevity of your snowmobile.

There are obviously a few steps that need to be taken along with the use of a snowmobile cover, but anyone can agree that it’s a vital part of the process. 

For starters, anytime you’re not using your snowmobile you should take a minute and make sure its engine and moving parts are all clean from gunk, mud, and debris. Ignoring them can cause a serious issue when you crank up the snowmobile. 

You’ll need to do this before you put a cover on the snowmobile, but once you do cover it you’ll be protecting it from developing any further buildup that the elements can bring.

So just what does a Snowmobile Cover safeguard against? Pretty much anything that you can think of, it protects against. Things like falling debris, animal damage, and even insects during the warmer months are all possibilities. 

And the sun is one of the biggest enemies of any vehicle, fading and cracking finish, deteriorating paint, and more.

Basically, you have to cover your snowmobile to keep it safe from mother nature. It’s a simple step and one that you won’t regret taking.

It’s important that you select a snowmobile cover that actually fits your snowmobile. There are covers that are sized perfectly for nearly any size snowmobile, so be sure that you match up your overall length to that of the cover and purchase it accordingly.

Be sure that you find a breathable, durable cover instead of just buying a poor quality one to save a few bucks.

And don’t make the mistake that hundreds of others have by buying a cheap tarp and hoping it will do the job. It won’t, and you’ll end up wishing you’d gone ahead and bought a quality tarp. 

Those cheaper options may not fit properly and could allow rodent or insect intrusion, could blow off in even a mild wind, and will often rip and tear at the drop of a hat.

They’ll also reduce breath-ability. While that may not sound like a big deal, the fact is that while you need a waterproof cover to keep your snowmobile totally protected, it needs to be a little bit breathable in order to prevent the growth of mildew and mold.

When you use a non-breathable tarp, you’re trapping all the moisture beneath it and creating an environment that breeds mold, mildew, and rot. Instead, purchasing a quality snowmobile cover will protect against all of these issues and more.

Shade Sails – Buying Your Patio Covers

There’s no doubt that enjoying some fun in the sun is part of what summer is all about, but there’s a lot to be said about blocking off the sun’s rays.

With plenty of reports out there discussing the dangers of UV rays and the simple fact that it can be uncomfortable for your skin and eyes to sit in the sun, adding a little measure of shade to your patio, deck, or even your pool area is a good idea.

And it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, adding these covers is always a good idea. One of the most unique types of patio covers available today are Sun Shade Sails, and adding these quality covers to your outdoor areas will have a big impact in how your family enjoys your space. 

Basically, shade sails are a type of patio cover that look interesting and are a great combination of form and function. These patio covers are designed with a centenary curve that rolls the fabric near the center and gives it unique look.

But the design also ensures that the fabric used in it won’t wrinkle, flap in the wind, or sag. They’re also designed to help shed rain and snow up to a point. Of course, they’re so easy to remove and to install that there’s really no reason not to go ahead and remove them when the seasons change and you’re no longer using your outdoor area.

Homeowners add shade sails to their barbecue area, outdoor kitchens, pools, patios, and even to their backyard. Whether you’re having an event or just enjoying the day, they’re a perfect addition to a home. 

But just the overall look and design of the shade sails aren’t all you need to think about. You also have to consider the actual fabric used in the construction of your shade sails. Here are a few things to look at.

Size is the first thing most people will think about, and that’s an obvious one. Basically, you can get shade sails in a number of standard sizes designed to let them serve as patio covers perfectly. But you can also have Shade Sails Custom Made for nearly any size.

This makes sure that no matter what you’re using them for or how large your area is, you’ll be able to find the right one for you. Next, take a look at what shade sails will reflect.

The key here is the sunlight reflection, and each of these patio covers will deliver a different type of UV blockage. All good shade sails will have a ninety percent UV block, but some could go up to ninety eight percent. Also, some will be unaffected by moisture and almost waterproof. 

They’ll stand up to mildew, mold, and moisture while giving you and your family the shelter that you need. Take a look at the warranty information concerning any shade sails you’re thinking about buying.

Too many people just assume that they’re coming out on top by buying discount or budget patio covers.

But quality shade sails will have warranties of at least ten years, letting you know that you’re not wasting your money. 

Essentially, if you’re looking for a way to help shield your family from the sun but still enjoy the outdoors, these are patio covers you can’t afford to pass by.

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Playset Canopy Buying Guide – Steps to Remember

Custom Vinyl Canopy Tarps

A child’s play set is one of the most important investments you’ll make in their youth. Play sets encourage physical activity in a time when obesity and sedentary lifestyles are becoming commonplace. 

They also stimulate little minds by encouraging imagination and provide a level of fun that most other toys can’t compete with. 

Today, most play sets feature at least one canopy in their design and many feature multiple Canopies.

These canopies help protect your kids against excessive UV rays, provide shelter from rain, and increase the longevity of the wood beneath them by blocking some of the harsh elements from it.

But canopies wear out, and in some cases they may just not have the look you want. That’s when buying a new one becomes a top priority. 

Luckily, buying a play set canopy is a pretty simple process. As long as you follow a couple of basic steps you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your child’s play set. To begin with, decide on the material you’re most interested in buying.

This is a pretty simple decision since you’ll only have two main options. If you’re on a tight budget, vinyl is the cheaper of the two. It provides UV protection, resists mold, and sheds water. 

You’ll certainly want to go with a marine grade vinyl since it’s more durable than other options. The drawback is that vinyl won’t last as long as canvas, will only be available in limited colors, will fade and deteriorate in sunlight, and will have the glossy sheen that some people dislike.

A canvas Playset Canopy offers a little bit more variety and quality. It’s usually available in more colors than vinyl and will last much longer. Canvas repels water, blocks out UV rays, and is mold resistant as well. It’s also much more durable than other options. 

Most who go with canvas canopies opt for Sunbrella, which is really the gold standard where canopies are concerned. 

You’ll pay a little bit more for a canvas cover but get a much higher quality product. Once you’ve settled on the type of material you want your play set canopy to be made from, you’ll have to decide on a color. 

As mentioned above, vinyl usually offers very limited options. So will any ‘stock’ canopies. These canopies are usually available in only blue or green and come in precut sizes.

A custom play set canopy can be cut to any size and if you go with a canvas material will offer many additional color selections to choose from. If you have your heart set on a specific color, custom will be the option you have to go with. Size is the next consideration and it’s very important. 

Stock canopies come in four different sizes, and in most cases you’ll be able to match up your size perfectly. However, if you have a need for an oddly sized canopy then you’ll need to calculate the square footage. Remember the formula “Length Times Width Divided by 144” and calculate in inches. 

You may send in dimensions as well, but square footage will be needed as well. It’s important that you get your measurements exact when ordering custom play set canopies since you won’t be able to return them for a refund. Measure twice, order once is a good rule to remember.

Finally, keep the method of attachment in mind where your canopy is concerned. There are many different ways to attach a play set canopy but the two most common are either snaps or grommets. Permanent fasteners like staples or screws with washers aren’t generally used in play set canopies.

You’ll need to provide the distance between fasteners to the company you’re ordering from to make sure your fasteners will be spaced properly, and you’ll want to tell them which of the two fastener options you want to utilize.

If you’ll follow these very basic steps when ordering your play set canopy you’ll get the perfect canopy with ease. It’s one step in the play set maintenance process that you don’t want to ignore, but it’s thankfully one of the easiest steps in that list as well.

Jet Ski Covers – The Basics

Jet Ski Covers

Your jet ski is an investment that pays out big in terms of fun, excitement, and pure pleasure.

But the fact is that you have to protect that investment, and when you’re not using your jet ski the best way to keep it safe is to use a jet ski cover. 

 They’ll protect your jet ski from the sun and other weather elements that can really damage your watercraft, from debris, and even from bird droppings or other animal related issues.

In short, they’re a minor investment that protects your major investment and no jet ski owner should be without one for their jet skis, even if they usually store their watercraft in an area that is already sheltered.

Jet ski covers are available in two different grades and in the right size for your watercraft. Most standard covers are made from 200 denier fabric. 

They’ll provide water resistant protection against the elements and keep your jet ski safe. The other option is a Protek Plus 300 denier cover, which is much higher quality and is designed to fit your jet ski perfectly and provide the right level of protection.

This higher end version also features a zippered fuel tank access to make it easy to fill your jet ski without removing the cover.

Both of these Jet Ski Cover types are designed to be used whether your jet ski is on a trailer or not, and both offer a two year warranty that lets you know you’re making a purchase that you can rely on. 

And since they’re designed to hold tight to your jet ski, you can also leave them on as you travel to the water.

The road holds its own dangers for a jet ski, and a small pebble flung up by a vehicle’s tires can do major damage to a jet ski. These covers help prevent that from occurring as well, keeping your watercraft safe even when you’re on the road.

Some people simply ignore the need for a good jet ski cover, and others just wrap a cheap tarp around theirs and secure it with a couple of bungee cords. 

But after the money you’ve spent on your jet ski, it really deserves something a little better. A cheap tarp will be much more likely to be snagged by the wind and torn off the jet ski, is very thin and flimsy, and won’t be able to stay on your jet ski while you’re traveling.

And just because you park your jet ski in a garage or carport doesn’t mean damage can’t occur. Dust, rodents, birds, and plenty of other variables can still come into play. A cover lets you relax and know that your jet ski is being fully protected.

If you’re ready to find the best level of protection for your jet ski or personal watercraft, simply look for a quality cover and match up the size of cover with your jet ski. 

They’re available in 124 inch long and over 124 inches long sizes, both of which will match up to nearly any jet ski perfectly.

Why Quality Watercraft Boat Covers Matter

Drive through most parts of the country – especially those near lakes or the ocean – and you’ll start to notice plenty of boats or jet skis in driveways, carports, and yards.

And depending on the time of year you’ll probably notice that those water crafts are covered. Covering up your investment offers peace of mind and the protection that it deserves.

But there are usually two types of covers you’ll spot. In most cases you’ll see a quality, form-fitting Boat Cover or Jet Ski Cover stretched over the boat and held in place by secure straps.

But in some cases you’ll see cheap tarps or pieces of plastic tossed over a watercraft, held in place by bits of string, bungee cords, or even nothing at all. It’s obvious which watercraft owner values their boat or jet ski more in these cases, and it should also be very obvious why actually buying a quality watercraft cover maters. 

Sure, you could purchase a cheap tarp from the local Big-Box retailer and throw it over your boat. But you’re not giving your boat the protection it deserves when you do that.

There are numerous reasons that buying an actual boat cover or jet ski cover makes much more sense and is well worth doing, and taking a quick look at some of those reasons should help you see why it’s so important.

For starters, a cheapo tarp or cover just isn’t going to do its job as well as a quality one. They will be very thin and very prone to rips and tears. One snowfall on the tarp could tear it to shreds. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a durable, trustworthy cover for your boat instead of something that will fall apart when you need it most. 

Simply put, you get what you pay for and while boat covers or jet ski covers aren’t that expensive, they’ll cost a little bit more than a cheap alternative. But that price is well worth paying. 

Jet Ski Covers

The fit actually matters as well – more than most people realize. If you purchase a quality watercraft cover you’ll get a near-perfect fit for your boat or jet ski.

This means that your boat cover will snugly cover your boat and leave very little extra space. Take another look at those boats or jet skis that are covered by a cheaper kind of cover.

There will probably be plenty of extra tarp dangling off the boat, or at the very least there won’t be a very tight fit. This means a couple of things.

First, that when the wind starts to blow your cheap improvised cover may rip right off your boat. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a fit that won’t allow the wind to slip beneath it and carry it away, rip it, or even damage your boat.

Second, all that space can allow animals to get into your boat during long periods of disuse. There are even stories of boat owners finding hibernating snakes underneath their tarp come springtime.

A form fitting boat or jet ski cover won’t let that happen to you in the least. With jet skis and even boats that fit and the quality straps also makes transportation easier. With the right boat cover in place you can actually haul your boat to the water while it’s still undercover.

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with damage from road debris slung into their boat by tires on the open road will instantly be able to spot the advantages of this. Try going down the road with a loose, cheap tarp tied to your boat and see how quickly it becomes a parachute billowing in the wind – probably leading to you getting pulled over. 

There’s another simple reason that making an investment in a quality boat cover or jet ski cover just makes sense. If you did drive through an area and notice those boats covered in different types of covers, there’s probably one thing that stood out in your mind.

Simply put, the boats with a quality cover on them looked nice. The boats with a cheap tarp secured haphazardly to them probably looked ugly, unsightly, and even embarrassing.

You’ve invested in your boat, so why let it linger over the colder months looking like a pile of garbage beneath an ugly tarp? All of these points help illustrate the one basic thing that boat owners need to understand – there is really no reason not to purchase a quality boat cover for your boat.

The prices are lower than most people realize and the level of protection they provide is simply too high to ignore. If you own a boat or jet ski, getting a quality watercraft cover is one of the smartest boat accessory purchases that you can make.

You’ll get a snug, secure fit, all weather protection, and a durable product that won’t fall apart at the first signs of weather or weight.  

Tractor and Mower Covers – Perfect no Matter the Time of Year


If you own a home with any amount of property with it, odds are you have a lawnmower. 

And if you’re one of the millions who own a good sized parcel of land, you probably own a tractor or riding lawnmower. For many, that mower or tractor is one of your key possessions. 

It not only makes mowing a lawn much easier to do, but it also offers a way to get other projects done. With dump beds and other attachments available it can fill a lot of roles on your property. 

That’s why keeping it in great shape is so important. Using a Lawnmower Cover when you’re not using your tractor style mower is one of the very best things you can do.

Yes, you need to keep filters changes, tires inflated, and oil changed as well, but few steps can have such a major impact on your mower’s overall health and well-being quite like a quality mower cover can. It’s not just a seasonal thing, either – using that cover year round when you’re not on your mower will make a huge difference in the look and performance of your mower as well as in just what you and your neighbors think about it. 

For starters, we’ll take a look at the seasonal factor. When the fall rolls around and it’s time to store your mower for the year, a lawnmower cover is the final step in your maintenance plant. Start by checking fluid levels and making sure they’re all adequate. Next, clean your mower.

This means getting any clumps of grass out of the deck and making sure that the rest of the mower is free from dirt and grime. Then cover it up. The lawnmower cover serves a lot of different purposes during the off-season. 

The main thing a lawnmower cover will do is protect your mower from the elements. Things like rain and snow are no good for your mower in terms of its finish and its engine. They can damage the seat, harm the battery, flood into the engine, and cause rust and corrosion. 

The sun will also harm your mower’s finish, and it’s important to protect it from that as well. And plenty of lawnmower owners have discovered rodent or insect damage when they’re getting ready for the first mow of the new season.

Nothing’s more annoying that planning on cutting your lawn and finding that you can’t because a mouse chewed through your fuel lines. In the short term, using a lawnmower cover between every usage of your tractor is still a good idea. 

That summer sun can bake a seat and cause it to crack, split, and fall to pieces. And one quick rainstorm can indeed have an impact on rust and on your motor. Yes, your engine is likely covered by the hood of your mower but it’s still a good idea to safeguard against any possible problems. 

And anyone who’s sat on their lawnmower without checking the seat after a rain knows that a dry seat means a happy homeowner. To buy your lawnmower cover you’ll really only have to match up the type of mower you own to the type of cover you buy. 

Sizes aren’t that precise, but you don’t want to buy a traditional riding lawnmower cover if you own a zero-radius mower. The covers will most likely be a different size in those situations. Still, taking a few minutes to look at the specific cover being bought and making the right purchase will help you give your lawnmower the kind of protection it needs.    

Powersport Covers – Protecting All of your Rides

While most of us own a vehicle, there are plenty more who own additional rides. Things like motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and even snowmobiles are all investments that help give you multiple ways to travel and can make a big difference in your life. 

But just like your car, all of these vehicles need to be taken care of in order to really be worth your investment.

They’ll need engine maintenance, oil changes, tire changes, brake work, and all the other things that make a vehicle work properly. They’ll also need to be stored properly, and most of us don’t have huge garages that we can park dozens of items inside of. 

Even if we do, a little extra protection can go a long way. Powersport covers are one area of preventative maintenance that really needs to be focused on. 

Whether you need an ATV cover to keep your ATV safe while hauling it to the campground, a Snowmobile Cover to protect your snowmobile during the summer months, or a motorcycle cover to keep the finish on your bike looking as good as new, these covers all provide protection and help you get the most from all your rides.

You made an investment when you purchased them, and these covers provide the right level of protection for them. It’s worth taking a quick look at each of these different vehicles to understand just why a cover is so important for their protection. 

They all share a number of points, but it’s still a good idea to look at each one on its own. Motorcycles are usually the pride and joy of their owners. There’s something to be said for the open road, and while they’re fun to ride they’re also very economical. 

Fuel economy is great, the wind in your hair is amazing, and a motorcycle can easily become your primary mode of transportation. But when it’s parked, that expensive investment is at risk of damage from a number of things including the sun, rain, and more.

A motorcycle cover protects it from the elements and makes sure that it looks great every time you take it on the road. ATVs are designed to take more abuse than motorcycles since they’re really off-road machines. But they still don’t need to sit out in the elements for days or weeks.

Again, the sun and the rain can wreak havoc on your ATV so it’s important to keep it under cover and keep it protected to its fullest. Snowmobiles don’t normally make people think of covers since they’re usually out in the snow, getting soaking wet.

But like an ATV, snowmobiles will suffer when they’re left exposed to the elements for too long. Using a cover helps guard against the sun, the animals, and more to keep your snowmobile looking and running great. 

That’s a key thing to keep in mind with all power sport covers – they function on both the cosmetic and operational side of things. They’ll protect the finish of your machines, the seats, and the paint but will also shield vital components like brake systems, engines, and even the wheels from being damaged.

Basically they provide total protection to your vehicles and make sure they work exactly the way they should and that they look their best. When you start to shop around for power sport covers, whether it’s a motorcycle cover or an ATV cover, be sure you buy a quality one. 

There’s a big difference between a high quality motorcycle cover and one that you got out of the bargain bin, and once your bike suffers as a result of your decision you’ll quickly regret making a purchase like that.

Buy smart and remember that you’re protecting your investment when you purchase a cover. Protection for all of your rides is easier to find than you think, and can mean the difference between expensive maintenance and a worry free season.