BBQ Gas Grill Covers – All You Wanted to Know About Them

For plenty of people, a gas grill is a major component in their life. From entertaining guests to just cooking dinner for the family, a grill is one of those things that some people just can’t live without.

With that said, it’s important to keep your gas grill protected. It’s an expensive investment and you want to make sure that it lasts for years instead of falling to pieces before it’s time.

As a result, buying a quality gas grill cover is an important investment and one that you should really make as soon as you purchase your grill. If you leave your grill on an uncovered deck, patio, or anywhere else the elements can impact it, you need a cover.

Don’t make the mistake of just throwing a sheet or a piece of plastic onto your gas grill, either. Plastic won’t provide a good fit and will blow off in the slightest wind, and a sheet won’t provide protection against moisture and could actually increase the rate of deterioration or rust.

Not only that, but either of these cheapskate options will look really bad on your deck. A quality Grill Cover will look great and give you the top level of protection that you want. Some of the things that can really influence your gas grill’s longevity include things like the sun, the rain, and even the wind. 

In high winds debris can be blown through the air and tossed into your grill, leaving it with scuffs and scratch marks. Even stainless steel grills need to be protected, since the moisture level your grill endures can cause damage to the overall look but as well to the interior grill slats or burners.

Rusted burners are an all-too common problem and one that you really need to take care if in order to maintain your grill’s high level of performance and make sure it lasts for years. 

A simple cover will prevent most rust problems outright, and combined with regular maintenance your grill will stand the test of time. There are plenty of different grill cover styles, as well.

Each quality cover is uniquely shaped and sized to fit the different types of grills out there today. Whether you have a patio cart, a hickory cart, a smoker, a fryer, or just a standard grill you’ll find the exact cover for your needs.

They’re usually available in a number of different colors and designs as well. College fans can even find collegiate gas grill covers that bear their favorite team logo so they can let everyone know just who they’re rooting for during football season.

Good grill covers often come with special features as well. Things like zipper closures or Velcro closures, pockets, and more are all potential features you’ll find. Closures can help prevent animals and insects from finding their way into your grill.

Nothing is worse than opening your grill to cook some burgers and finding a wasp nest under the lid, and these features can protect against this issue.

Simply put, if you’re one of the millions who love to grill then you need to take care of your grill no matter what type it may be. A quality cover does just that.

Buying Patio Furniture Covers – Finding Yours

Outdoor Custom Patio Furniture Covers - For Maximum Protection

If you’re one of the millions who enjoy entertaining guests or just spending some quiet time outside on your deck, veranda, patio, or gazebo, then the odds are that you’ve invested in your patio furniture. 

There is an entire industry that has sprung up where patio furniture is concerned, and it offers the chance for homeowners to select from a huge range of different furniture options and find the one that matches their taste and style perfectly. 

But once you’ve invested in quality patio furniture, you need to keep it protected. This is important no matter the time of year, but when the days turn cooler it’s even more vital since your furniture won’t be getting the same amount of use it normally would.

Patio Furniture Covers are the answer here, and they’re available for anyone looking to keep their furniture safe and protected.

But like anything else, there’s a big difference in the different types of outdoor furniture covers out there. Not all of them are created equally, and it’s important to pick the one that is right for you and your furniture. 

First, it’s a good idea to remind yourself of just what it is that you’re buying patio furniture covers to protect against. Then you’ll understand why choosing the right type is so important. Your patio furniture takes more abuse than you probably realize. 

The sun alone can cause some serious damage, fading colors and cracking wood or wicker. Rain can lead to mildew, mold, rot, or rust, and falling limbs or debris can damage the surface of your furniture. If you have a glass top patio table, one rock flung by an end-of season mowing could shatter it. 

Over the winter, snowfall can sit on furniture for days and cause major damage as well. Even animals could pose a problem, from droppings to chewing to nesting. All of these issues and more face your patio furniture, and protecting it is important.

To start with, you’ll need to take a close look at the materials used in construction of your outdoor patio furniture covers. Cheap covers are just that – cheaply made.

They’ll usually be made from low-grade fabric, vinyl, or plastic. You can expect one season of protection from these covers, maybe two if you’re lucky. After that, the combination of sun, rain, and other elements will start to wear them down. Look for material that is designed to last for years, not months.

You need material that sheds water and blocks the sun and can withstand exposure to both. But you don’t want a heavy cover that will be hard for you to take on or put off. Additionally, think about covers that have cloth backings to help fight against scratching and debris damage. 

Next you’ll need to select your patio covers depending on the size you need. A custom fit patio furniture cover provides a perfect fit and delivers maximum protection for your furniture.

Plenty of people have bought cheap, low quality patio furniture covers only to find out that they’re either much too big or far too small. In either case they won’t work properly. Larger covers will create pockets of material that can turn into pools of standing water, and smaller covers just won’t work at all. 

Either buy a Patio Furniture Cover that matches your outdoor furniture closely or pay the extra price for a custom cover. 

You’ll be glad you spent the extra money to do so. Finally, think about additional features that could help provide a little added convenience. Storage pockets, leg ties, and zipper closures are all potential features to think about here. Cheap covers basically fit over your furniture and hang there, but quality covers provide a little something extra and ensure that you get a total, perfect closure that won’t allow animals or insects to squirm underneath them.

Don’t just throw a bed sheet over your furniture and assume it’s protected. The material will wick and soak up water and cause more problems than it prevents. 

If you’re serious about protecting your patio furniture, you need quality patio furniture covers. It takes only a few minutes to find the best ones, and it’s an investment that will serve you well and keep your outdoor furniture looking great for years to come.  

Beyond the Pool Cover – Accessories and Specialties

 A swimming pool cover is one of the most important tools you can have when you own a pool. Yes, you read that right – tools. It’s a tool because it helps get a lot of different jobs done. It prevents dirt and debris from building up in your pool, reduces algae growth, and simplifies fall and winter maintenance while making it easier to open the pool next spring. 

Examples of Different Pool Cover and Pool Supplies

But it doesn’t really do all of this alone. Along with your work putting it on and taking it off, there are other accessories worth taking a closer look at and a couple of other types of covers worth pondering as well. The most important accessories you can get for your pool cover are simply the attachments. In most cases covers will come with some method of securing it to the pool, but it never hurts to get extra or to upgrade.

For some covers, especially Safety Pool Covers, anchors are attached to points around the pool and connected to the cover. In other cases weights like sandbags are used to weight down the perimeter. For above ground pool covers, this is usually a moot point but anyone with an in ground pool should pay attention to this. 

Adding extra attachments and weights will help ensure that your cover doesn’t slip into the pool, which can become a huge burden to deal with. Another accessory to think about is actually a kind of pool cover in its own right. The Leaf Net is a device that stretches over your existing cover and helps with leaf control. Basically, you put on the cover and then put the leaf net over it. Once the leaves have finished falling you just remove the leaf net. 

You may feel like it’s an expense that isn’t worth it, but the fact is that even the most experienced pool owner will end up spilling a few leaves into the pool when they remove their cover. The leaf net stops that from happening completely, letting you get rid of the leaves before you even take off the cover.

Finally, think about a Solar Cover. Sometimes called a solar blanket or heat blanket, this is just what it sounds like. It’s an inexpensive kind of cover that fits over your pool and sits directly on the water. It captures the sun’s rays and helps convert the warmth into the water. Essentially, this helps to speed up the process of warming the water.

Again, for some it sounds like a kind of item that isn’t really a necessity and it’s not. But if you’ve ever faced impatient kids or spent days waiting for your pool to shake off the winter cold, you’ll understand why this is a worthwhile purchase. Of course, just buying a quality swimming pool cover is the first step and one that you can’t ignore. 

But taking the time to buy a couple of accessories could help you get the most from your pool cover and make it much easier to keep your pool in top shape no matter what time of year it is.

Patio Furniture Covers – More Important than You Think

Custom Covers Made for Patio Furniture

Plenty of people enjoy more time on their deck, patio, or outdoor hangout area than they do inside their home. Whether it’s relaxing around the pool during the summer, sitting around an outdoor fireplace in the fall, or having a spring cookout, patio furniture is one of those things that most people have but that many don’t really give much thought to after purchase.

But when you buy a quality set of patio furniture, you’ll be making an expensive investment that you need to keep in good shape. As a result, it’s important to take the steps needed to maintain your patio furniture.

Patio Furniture Covers are one item well worth thinking about. The main reason that buying patio furniture covers makes so much sense is obvious. No matter what time of year it is, outdoor furniture takes a lot of punishment from good old Mother Nature. The same sun that feels so great on your skin will literally bake your patio furniture after a few hours. 

Add in things like rain, snow, high winds, ice, falling debris, and more and you’ve got a recipe for major damage. Patio furniture can go from looking brand new to looking old and ruined after just one season. That’s even truer when you have wooden furniture with fabric cushions.

There’s another reason that patio furniture covers are so important, and it’s one that most people don’t even think about until it’s too late. A cushion on a patio chair can soak up a good bit of moisture over the course of even a light rain.

And while the deck may be perfectly dry, and while the fabric of the cushions may be as well, once you sit down on an inundated cushion you’ll know it.  Simply put, throwing a cover over your furniture will make it much less likely that you have to deal with such an uncomfortable – and sometimes embarrassing – event.

Buying patio furniture covers is a much better option than the alternative. Some people say that it’s a hassle to cover up their furniture, and then end up turning their furniture on end or storing it over the winter. Some just let their furniture endure, hoping for the best. But today’s protective covers are designed to completely protect your furniture and will fit any type of patio furniture. 

There are numerous designs and styles, and you can even find brand new Grill and Smoker Covers to keep them protected as well. If you can’t find a basic stock cover that matches your furniture, you can always have Custom Patio Furniture Covers made to order. In the case of grill covers, you can even get a college team logo to show your school’s colors with pride. 

No matter what type of furniture you have, there’s a cover that is right for you. It’s an easy matter to find one, and it will keep your furniture looking great for years. Patio furniture can be expensive, and there’s no reason to leave it exposed to the harsh elements that can seriously damage it and make it less than it should be. If you’re worried about your patio furniture, a set of covers will ease your mind.

A Closer Look at Safety Covers – Right For You?

Any pool owner who’s dealt with a spring setup following a fall and winter with their pool uncovered can attest to the fact that a pool cover will have a huge impact on maintenance costs and effort as well as on the spring setup of a pool. But when you’re closing down the pool this season, it could be time to invest in an upgrade and purchase a Safety Pool Cover.

If you’ve got children or pets, it’s well worth doing. But before you decide, just take a closer look at what safety covers are all about and how they’ll help your pool. It should help you decide whether or not they’re worth it for you. Basically, safety covers are heavier duty covers than the standard ones people put on their pools. 

They also use a much different attachment system. While most Winter Pool Covers are fixed in place by little more than a series of sandbags or weights, safety pool covers are actually attached to anchor points around the pool with a system of cords. This helps them hold up the weight of a child or pet that stumbles into the pool, and are much easier to attach and set up than they may sound.

Safety pool covers should also not be confused with Solar Pool Covers, which float on top of the pool’s water and helps heat the water and maintain the heat in swimming pools. Take a look at safety covers’ scrim numbers. This refers to the weave within the very makeup of the cover, and the higher it is the better quality the cover will be. Higher numbers mean more weaves, which in turn mean denser material that will be more durable and stronger. 

Solid Vinyl Safety Pool Cover with an Automatic Cover Pump

All safety covers that meet today’s minimum standards will be rated for more than four hundred pounds per square inch. Combined with proper anchors, that’s more than enough to ease most parents’ minds about their kids or dogs being near the pool. Safety pool covers come in two forms – mesh and solid.

Solid doesn’t mean that it’s as rigid as a board, of course, just that there are no perforations within the material. Basically, it’s a solid cover that allows no drainage. The advantage here is that it allows no light and absolutely no debris to pass through the cover, which helps with algae and hygiene issues, however solid safety covers will either have a small mesh drain panel in the middle of the cover or a small pump will be necessary to keep water from building up on the cover.  

A mesh safety pool cover will have perforations throughout it, and it’s essentially just what its name suggests. This may allow some light to pass through, but it won’t be weighed down by rainwater,  or other problems. For areas with heavy rain, that drainage is very important to the overall stability of a safety cover. So how do you know if a safety pool cover is the right choice for you? There are a couple of things to think about.

First of all, those with above ground pools may not need them. It depends on whether or not your pool is surrounded by a deck or just accessed by a ladder. In the latter case, you may not need a safety cover since you can often remove the ladder. Those with in ground pools or above ground pools with a deck around them will be much more likely to need a safety cover. This is especially true if you have children or pets.

75 percent of children who die in swimming pool accidents are under three, and drowning is the second leading cause of death among those under 14. In other words, having a safety cover will help prevent the unthinkable from becoming a reality. Even if you don’t have young kids, a safety cover may be worth it.

An icy deck can be very hazardous, and one slip could lead to death or serious injury. A safety pool cover is a kind of investment that delivers added safety as well as peace of mind other covers won’t give you. No, they may not be for everyone, but for many pool owners they’re an upgrade that you can’t ignore.

Golfing in Any Weather Using Golf Cart Covers

Golf Cart Cover

Golfing is a great past time, and we have everything you need to protect and preserve your golfing equipment.

Our protective golf cart covers will keep your entire cart clean and secure during off seasons and non-use. They will prevent dust, dirt and weather conditions from soiling your cart. 

When its time to golf, our cabin covers and removable windshields will offer comfort and luxury. Our seat blankets, available in tan, plaid, and pink, will keep your seat covered and protected and provide you with a warm and comfortable blanket when needed. We also carry fleece and padded seat covers. 

Organizers keep your tees, balls, and personal belongings stored away and organized. Rain hoods even keep your clubs dry and protected. With our golfing accessories, you can play a round comfortable, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Golf Cart Enclosures attach easily to carts and come in a number of configurations to meet each golfer’s individual preferences for protection.  Cart enclosures not only protect the interior of golf carts, but passengers, too, who can get splattered or splashed on the journey to the next hole. 

Golf Cart Storage Covers are specifically designed to cover and protect golf carts when not in use.  They withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions and keep golf cart interiors and exteriors free from dirt, debris, and environmental damage. 

Using a storage cover regularly keeps a golf cart looking good and functioning as expected for many years. A Golf Bag Rain Hood keeps clubs dry for die-hard golfers who like to be out even on rainy days.  Rugged and weather-resistant, this rain hood stays in place even when the wind kicks up.  

Custom Swing Set Tarps for Your Playset

Are you on the quest for a Custom Swing Set Tarp but find yourself uncertain about the exact size you need? Fear not! Allow us to be your expert guide through this process, ensuring you procure precisely the swing set canopy you envision. Dive into our comprehensive custom canopy order form, meticulously crafted to lead you step by step toward your perfect tarp.

Embark on a Visual Journey: Our user-friendly form doesn’t just guide; it immerses you in a visual experience. Detailed diagrams accompany each step, making measurement comprehension a breeze. With our assistance, rest assured you’ll achieve a flawless fit for your swing set.

How to measure for a custom canopy top for your children's swing set

Connect with Us: Should questions linger or if you seek personalized guidance, our dedicated team is just a call away. We take pride in offering a seamless customer experience.

Unveiling the Options: showcases an array of swing set canopies, including Vinyl Tarps and Canopy Tops. These are meticulously crafted from heavy marine-grade vinyl, boasting standard fasteners such as brass grommets or stainless steel snaps. Whether you opt for our readily available stock sizes or prefer a tailor-made canopy top, our commitment to quality remains unwavering.

The Vinyl Advantage: Our marine-grade vinyl stands as a heavyweight 15oz. laminated material fortified with UV protection and mildew retardant properties. Recognized as the industry’s strongest and most durable, it thrives even in the face of harsh weather conditions.

Choosing Between Vinyl and Canvas: The material you select depends on your priorities. Vinyl, known for its robustness, excels in resisting mold and mildew. Conversely, high-quality canvas, exemplified by Sunbrella, offers water repellence, mold resistance, vibrant colors that don’t fade, and enhanced UV protection.

Fastening Considerations: Ponder over how you’ll secure the canopy to your play set structure. Whether it’s snaps or grommets, take note of the existing attachment method. Precise measurements ensure your new canopy aligns seamlessly with your structure.

Purchasing Prowess: Acquiring a replacement play set canopy demands preparation, and we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Define your requirements—size, color, material, custom versus stock, and fasteners—and with confidence, anticipate receiving the perfect product tailored to your needs. Elevate your playtime haven with, where quality meets customization for an unparalleled outdoor experience.”**

Our Jet Ski Covers Protect and Preserve!

Personal Water Craft Cover

Take care of your jet ski with a jet ski cover that will protect against damage from UV, rain, wind, and other environmental factors.

We offer two grades of cover, each coming in two sizes. Our regular heavy-duty trailable and travel covers come in 200 denier gray fabric with water-resistant backing. They feature a two year warranty and are available in up to 124” L size and over 124” L size. If you are looking for something better, we also offer a deluxe Jet Ski Cover

It comes in black and gray Protek™ Plus 300 denier fabric with a two year warranty. It has an integrated trailering system with built-in quick adjusting straps. 

The deluxe model even has and integrated storage bag and zippered fuel tank access on both sides of the cover for easy filling without removing the cover. Either of these great covers will keep your jet ski ready to go whenever you are!

Most standard covers are made from 200 denier fabric. They’ll provide water resistant protection against the elements and keep your jet ski safe. 

The other option is a Protek Plus 300 denier cover, which is much higher quality and is designed to fit your jet ski perfectly and provide the right level of protection. This higher end version also features a zippered fuel tank access to make it easy to fill your jet ski without removing the cover.

Sandbox Covers Required at Daycares and Schools

Sandbox Cover

Sandbox Covers are a great way to protect your children from dirty and contaminated sand, but did you know that they might be REQUIRED in your state?

Most daycare and school centers must make sure that their sand is protected when not in use. Cats and other animals will often use sand as a litter box, making it extremely unsanitary.

Many states have taken action and set minimum requirements for all sandboxes. Most of these minimum requirements include a sandbox cover.

Check with your local officials and make sure that you are staying legal! We offer custom sandbox covers of any shape and size and several high quality materials.

Custom Covers are an important step in preventing cats and other animals from making your children’s play area their outdoor litter boxes.

Covers also help keep the sand clean and free of leaves, rocks, pine needles, grass, insects, and other debris. Once you remove your sandbox cover, the sandbox is ready for immediate use.

Make sure that when the kids are ready to play, you don’t have to check the sand for debris or clean it out before the fun can begin. Custom Sandbox covers make playtime in the sandbox fun, clean, and safe.

Customizable Shade Sails for Every Home

Sunbrella Shade Sail

Shade Sails are completely customizable to your backyard. We have equilateral and right angle triangles, rectangles, and squares. 

You can also choose your fabric: Coolaroo, which blocks approximately 90% of UV rays; Commercial 95, which blocks 96-98% of UV rays; and Sunbrella, which blocks 96-98% of UV rays and is nearly waterproof.

We have stock sizes, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can make a custom sail for you. Let us know what you need for your shade and Mighty Covers can get it done.

Shade sails are an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to create shaded spaces outside of the home or business. At home, they allow you to cover your patio, swimming pool area, gardens, children’s play areas, cars and other vehicles, and virtually any outdoor area that you would like to be protected from the sun. 

Businesses find shade sails valuable for creating shade in courtyards, outdoor break areas, and open air restaurants. Shade sails can be mounted to practically any surface and are simple to install. Now you can create a shaded area anywhere around your home, yard, or business. 

Shade Sails provide excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV rays.

They come in a variety of standard shapes, sizes, and colors which meet the needs of most home and business owners.