Shade sails or finished shade cloth, do you know the difference?

What are Shade Sails?

Shade sails are designed to attach to attachments points on homes, garages, posts or other structures. Delta rings (d-rings) are in each corner that attach to the attachment points with mounting hardware. Mounting hardware can consist of turnbuckles, spring clips, cables or other hardware. By design, Shade sails have curves (gores) in the perimeter of all sides. All corners of the shade sail are properly tensioned to the attachment points on buildings, posts, trees and many others. This design with the curves (gores) in the perimeter of the sails is what tightens up the entire sail. When the corners are pulled, this action tries to straighten out the curves, but cannot. The perimeter is fastened to the fabric in the center of the shade sails. As a result, this tightens up the fabric in the center of the shade sails and reduces the chance of them sagging in the middle.

What is Finished Shade Cloth?

Finished shade cloth is the same fabric that is used for shade sails. If you are wanting to place the shade cloth on top of a pergola or arbor, you can get finished shade cloth with straight edges and no gores. Grommets may be placed in the corners and along the sides equally spaced. The finished shade cloth can be fastened to the top of the pergola by putting screws with washers through the grommets. Another use is finished shade cloth with grommets place closely together. Cables or ropes can be lashed through the close mounted grommets and around a frame. These are the main differences between shade sails and finished shade cloth. There are other uses for each, but this give you a starting point on trying to achieve the shade that you are looking for. Be sure to take into consideration the fabric types, solid (waterproof) or mesh. They can both give you shade and UV blockage. Shade sails made with a solid fabric like Sunbrella marine grade fabric must be installed with about an 18 to 20 degree slope. This will reduce the chance of the shade sail filling up with rain and possibly causing damage to the shade sail and/or your property. For more additional information for shade sails and finished shade cloth, go to

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