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Spend Less and Get More with Boat Covers Online

Lunex Boat RS2 Covers

Boating is a popular hobby but the biggest issue that people face is when they don’t live near the water. There are a lot of people who enjoy boating but live inland. They travel to the coast or to various lakes during boating season to get on the water and have a good time. 

Of course, keeping their boats in good shape can take a lot of work because they have to think about getting the supplies that they need and keeping things in good order when they’re not at the water’s edge. 

Whether you store your boat at home or in a storage facility by your favorite body of water, you need to make sure that it’s protected. The off season can be harsh for boats that aren’t properly cared for and you deserve to keep yours looking its best. Boats aren’t cheap, by any means. 

It’s all about finding the tools and supplies that you need to protect your investment. This includes boat covers, which can protect your boat from damage due to sun, wind, rain, snow, hail, and other elements all year long. A boat cover is a fairly simple investment. It’s something that will be purchased based on the size and type of boat that you have. 

Some people have a harder time finding covers because of where they live. This is where the internet comes in handy. You can shop online for boat covers in every shape, size, and style without having to spend a lot of money or travel far to find what you need. You can even find custom covers that are more affordable than you think, giving you the perfect fit every time. No matter what you have in mind, shopping online definitely helps you get what you need.

Boat Covers are made in many different styles and sizes. You can pick from a selection of stock covers that don’t take a lot of effort to find. If you want, you can also customize a style so that it fits your boat and gives you better protection and peace of mind. It’s really all about getting what you want.

That’s what matters. Everything else comes second to that. When you have a budget, the internet is the place to go. You’ll find a wide selection of boat covers at low prices and even get custom work done for less than the average boat shop charges.

Use A Jet Ski Cover After Winterizing

Jet Ski Covers

Jet skis can provide some of the most exciting fun you can have on the water. Whether you take your personal watercraft to the ocean or to a lake, there’s no question that they deliver a lot of fun in a smaller, more affordable package than a boat.

But the fact is that just like boats, they’re a serious investment and one that you need to take care of. As the days get cooler and the summer turns into the fall, the time to properly winterize and store your watercraft is drawing near.

There are plenty of things you need to do and plenty of reasons to do them, from a deep clean to the application of a good Jet Ski Cover.

To start with, you really need to give your jet ski a good cleaning. This is especially true if you use your watercraft in the ocean since the saltwater can build up on the body and cause major damage, but all watercrafts need to be cleaned before putting a jet ski cover on them.

If you don’t, mold and mildew could potentially develop on the surfaces of your jet ski. Be sure that you only use a cleanser that is actually approved for use in cleaning personal watercraft or boats.

Plenty of people have done major damage to their jet ski’s paint or body by using cleansers not intended for them.

If there are specific shut down procedures you need to follow for your jet ski’s engine, follow them perfectly. Most people opt to let a mechanic handle the winterization of their jet ski, but you can easily buy a winterization kit that contains a few basic chemicals and shut it down yourself.

This is usually the most complicated step, but it’s also one of the most important since going through a harsh winter can seriously damage a jet ski engine if it’s not taken care of properly.

Once you complete these steps you’ll be ready to put a jet ski cover over your watercraft. Some people park theirs in a garage or carport, but even there dust and other problems can occur. 

Putting a quality cover on the jet ski is always a good idea. And if you don’t have a sheltered area to store your jet ski, you absolutely need a cover.

It’s not just for rain, like some people think. Jet skis are designed to get wet, so the rain isn’t really the major enemy. 

The sun, however, can cause serious body damage to your watercraft and adding a personal watercraft cover can help diminish the effects it will have on your jet ski.

Those effects include things like fading, cracking, and even peeling paint. The sun’s UV rays can damage the seats of your jet ski as well as the body. Falling debris or debris from high winds can collide with your watercraft as well. 

And of course, there’s always the chance of bird droppings landing right on your jet ski. Some unfortunate owners have found their jet skis caked in bird dropping after only a few weeks of storage. But a jet ski cover will safeguard against all of these effects and more.

They’re vital for the protection of your investment, and will keep it in great shape until the weather warms up and you can head back out on the water.

Winterize your Boat, Then Protect with a Boat Cover

Stellex Boat Covers

Nothing beats a day on the lake, skipping over the water and letting the family take turns water skiing or just trolling to and from your favorite fishing holes. One day on the water helps remind you just why you invested your hard earned cash in a boat.

But no matter what you actually use your boat for, or what kind of boat you have, you’ll want to take steps to protect your investment. 

It doesn’t matter if you have a fishing boat or a pontoon, a john boat or a canoe, taking a little time to store your boat properly when the winter comes is important. It’s also a bit easier than most people realize.

Winterizing a boat and getting it ready to be stored doesn’t have to be a huge time investment. It will take a few hours to do it properly, but when you consider just how much you’ve spent on your watercraft it makes a lot more sense to protect it against the elements.

And following a basic shutdown or winterization procedure, along with the use of a quality Boat Cover, will safeguard your boat against all of the elements, whether it’s sun, rain, snow, or just a hard freeze in the air. To start with, make sure that you take the time to actually clean the boat.

The exterior should be first. If you have taken the boat out on saltwater this is even more important since the salt can do major damage to your hull and finish. Be sure that you use proper brushes and the right cleaning solutions. 

Plenty of people have made the mistake of using dish soap only to find out that they actually damage the boat’s finish even more than the sun does. It can take time, but go over every inch of your boat’s exterior and clean it completely before you put a boat cover on so you don’t have to worry about it when spring rolls around and you get the boat ready to go.

The interior is important as well. Spilled drinks, dirt, and other substances can build up in the interior of your boat and if ignored can cause major damage. Vacuum the interior thoroughly and then give extra attention to any troublesome spots.

Leaves and debris should always be removed as well. Whether it’s interior or exterior, be sure to pay special attention to any wood dream, decking, or ladders. 

Wood should be cleaned to remove any substances that may cause rot or decay over the winter months, and this cleaning process also protects against any mold or mildew that may occur beneath a boat cover on an improperly cleaned boat.

Engine care is important as well. Degrease the engine and think about any extra additives that should be used in the engine. In most cases this is better left to the pros, so be sure that you think about letting a boat mechanic take care of your engine. 

Ignoring engine care during winterization could cost you big when spring comes, and it’s vital that you don’t overlook it. Also, be sure that if the boat cover you’re planning on using doesn’t cover your engine that you buy a separate engine cover to shield your expensive motor from the harsh winter weather. 

Finally, you’re ready to cover your boat. Find a boat cover that matches your type of boat and your boat’s size perfectly.

Also be sure to go with a heavier duty cover instead of a cheap, thin version. This is an investment to protect your major investment, so be sure that you don’t cut corners.

Find a quality cover and use it properly. If you’ll keep these steps in mind during winterization, that first trip back onto the water will be hassle free. 

Jet Ski Covers – The Basics

Jet Ski Covers

Your jet ski is an investment that pays out big in terms of fun, excitement, and pure pleasure.

But the fact is that you have to protect that investment, and when you’re not using your jet ski the best way to keep it safe is to use a jet ski cover. 

 They’ll protect your jet ski from the sun and other weather elements that can really damage your watercraft, from debris, and even from bird droppings or other animal related issues.

In short, they’re a minor investment that protects your major investment and no jet ski owner should be without one for their jet skis, even if they usually store their watercraft in an area that is already sheltered.

Jet ski covers are available in two different grades and in the right size for your watercraft. Most standard covers are made from 200 denier fabric. 

They’ll provide water resistant protection against the elements and keep your jet ski safe. The other option is a Protek Plus 300 denier cover, which is much higher quality and is designed to fit your jet ski perfectly and provide the right level of protection.

This higher end version also features a zippered fuel tank access to make it easy to fill your jet ski without removing the cover.

Both of these Jet Ski Cover types are designed to be used whether your jet ski is on a trailer or not, and both offer a two year warranty that lets you know you’re making a purchase that you can rely on. 

And since they’re designed to hold tight to your jet ski, you can also leave them on as you travel to the water.

The road holds its own dangers for a jet ski, and a small pebble flung up by a vehicle’s tires can do major damage to a jet ski. These covers help prevent that from occurring as well, keeping your watercraft safe even when you’re on the road.

Some people simply ignore the need for a good jet ski cover, and others just wrap a cheap tarp around theirs and secure it with a couple of bungee cords. 

But after the money you’ve spent on your jet ski, it really deserves something a little better. A cheap tarp will be much more likely to be snagged by the wind and torn off the jet ski, is very thin and flimsy, and won’t be able to stay on your jet ski while you’re traveling.

And just because you park your jet ski in a garage or carport doesn’t mean damage can’t occur. Dust, rodents, birds, and plenty of other variables can still come into play. A cover lets you relax and know that your jet ski is being fully protected.

If you’re ready to find the best level of protection for your jet ski or personal watercraft, simply look for a quality cover and match up the size of cover with your jet ski. 

They’re available in 124 inch long and over 124 inches long sizes, both of which will match up to nearly any jet ski perfectly.

Why Quality Watercraft Boat Covers Matter

Drive through most parts of the country – especially those near lakes or the ocean – and you’ll start to notice plenty of boats or jet skis in driveways, carports, and yards.

And depending on the time of year you’ll probably notice that those water crafts are covered. Covering up your investment offers peace of mind and the protection that it deserves.

But there are usually two types of covers you’ll spot. In most cases you’ll see a quality, form-fitting Boat Cover or Jet Ski Cover stretched over the boat and held in place by secure straps.

But in some cases you’ll see cheap tarps or pieces of plastic tossed over a watercraft, held in place by bits of string, bungee cords, or even nothing at all. It’s obvious which watercraft owner values their boat or jet ski more in these cases, and it should also be very obvious why actually buying a quality watercraft cover maters. 

Sure, you could purchase a cheap tarp from the local Big-Box retailer and throw it over your boat. But you’re not giving your boat the protection it deserves when you do that.

There are numerous reasons that buying an actual boat cover or jet ski cover makes much more sense and is well worth doing, and taking a quick look at some of those reasons should help you see why it’s so important.

For starters, a cheapo tarp or cover just isn’t going to do its job as well as a quality one. They will be very thin and very prone to rips and tears. One snowfall on the tarp could tear it to shreds. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a durable, trustworthy cover for your boat instead of something that will fall apart when you need it most. 

Simply put, you get what you pay for and while boat covers or jet ski covers aren’t that expensive, they’ll cost a little bit more than a cheap alternative. But that price is well worth paying. 

Jet Ski Covers

The fit actually matters as well – more than most people realize. If you purchase a quality watercraft cover you’ll get a near-perfect fit for your boat or jet ski.

This means that your boat cover will snugly cover your boat and leave very little extra space. Take another look at those boats or jet skis that are covered by a cheaper kind of cover.

There will probably be plenty of extra tarp dangling off the boat, or at the very least there won’t be a very tight fit. This means a couple of things.

First, that when the wind starts to blow your cheap improvised cover may rip right off your boat. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a fit that won’t allow the wind to slip beneath it and carry it away, rip it, or even damage your boat.

Second, all that space can allow animals to get into your boat during long periods of disuse. There are even stories of boat owners finding hibernating snakes underneath their tarp come springtime.

A form fitting boat or jet ski cover won’t let that happen to you in the least. With jet skis and even boats that fit and the quality straps also makes transportation easier. With the right boat cover in place you can actually haul your boat to the water while it’s still undercover.

Anyone who’s ever had to deal with damage from road debris slung into their boat by tires on the open road will instantly be able to spot the advantages of this. Try going down the road with a loose, cheap tarp tied to your boat and see how quickly it becomes a parachute billowing in the wind – probably leading to you getting pulled over. 

There’s another simple reason that making an investment in a quality boat cover or jet ski cover just makes sense. If you did drive through an area and notice those boats covered in different types of covers, there’s probably one thing that stood out in your mind.

Simply put, the boats with a quality cover on them looked nice. The boats with a cheap tarp secured haphazardly to them probably looked ugly, unsightly, and even embarrassing.

You’ve invested in your boat, so why let it linger over the colder months looking like a pile of garbage beneath an ugly tarp? All of these points help illustrate the one basic thing that boat owners need to understand – there is really no reason not to purchase a quality boat cover for your boat.

The prices are lower than most people realize and the level of protection they provide is simply too high to ignore. If you own a boat or jet ski, getting a quality watercraft cover is one of the smartest boat accessory purchases that you can make.

You’ll get a snug, secure fit, all weather protection, and a durable product that won’t fall apart at the first signs of weather or weight.  

Boat Cover Basics – Protecting Your Investment

Boat Covers


There’s an old saying that goes “a boat is just a hole in the water you throw money into”. While it’s true in that a boat can be an expensive investment, a hole in the water never can be as much fun as a boat. 

Your boat is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, and for many it’s important to keep it in great shape. In fact, that saying loses a lot of its punch when you consider that just protecting and maintaining your boat properly will help you avoid constantly spending the money that so many people seem to complain about. 

And as the warmer months wind down, no single purchase for your boat is as important as a quality Boat Cover. Boat covers are designed to fit each boat perfectly, but they’re often available in pre-made sizes that fit most boats.

You can usually match up your boat type – ski boat, fishing boat, pontoon boat, or cruising boat – and its overall length and find a cover that will match it almost perfectly. Some may decide that a custom cover is right for them and will purchase one measured and cut to fit their boat to a ‘T’. 

Either way, boat covers provide a lot of benefits. It may seem like an oxymoron to say that you don’t want your boat getting wet, but in the cold weather months and during periods of non-use it really is true.

Water inside the boat can damage interior components, from the seat upholstery to the ignition to the motor. Mildew, mold, and even rot in some cases can occur, but a boat cover blocks out all of this and ensures that you have a worry-free winter.

While the engine is what most people think of when they set out to cover their boat, the interior is also very important. Boat covers also give you protection from extreme sunshine, which can damage the interior of the boat. 

They’ll also protect against snow or other weather related problems. And they’ll help protect against animal related issues as well. Whether it’s bird droppings, a bee’s nest under the steering wheel, or a rat nest in a seat, covers protect from a lot more than just water.

These points are often overlooked by boat owners until they find themselves facing them, but going ahead and protecting yourself against the issue ahead of time is a better idea. Covers are available for trailer-ed or floating boats and can be secured easily with a few basic straps. 

You’ll even be able to find boat covers for odd sized boats like pedal boats, canoes, or even Boat Motor Covers. To find a good cover be sure you pick one that offers all-weather protection, a good warranty, and is designed to fit your boat perfectly. 

If you’ll keep those basic points in mind you should have no trouble at all tracking down the perfect boat for your home. It’s a very small investment that will pay off tremendously in protecting your large investment.

Our Jet Ski Covers Protect and Preserve!

Personal Water Craft Cover

Take care of your jet ski with a jet ski cover that will protect against damage from UV, rain, wind, and other environmental factors.

We offer two grades of cover, each coming in two sizes. Our regular heavy-duty trailable and travel covers come in 200 denier gray fabric with water-resistant backing. They feature a two year warranty and are available in up to 124” L size and over 124” L size. If you are looking for something better, we also offer a deluxe Jet Ski Cover

It comes in black and gray Protek™ Plus 300 denier fabric with a two year warranty. It has an integrated trailering system with built-in quick adjusting straps. 

The deluxe model even has and integrated storage bag and zippered fuel tank access on both sides of the cover for easy filling without removing the cover. Either of these great covers will keep your jet ski ready to go whenever you are!

Most standard covers are made from 200 denier fabric. They’ll provide water resistant protection against the elements and keep your jet ski safe. 

The other option is a Protek Plus 300 denier cover, which is much higher quality and is designed to fit your jet ski perfectly and provide the right level of protection. This higher end version also features a zippered fuel tank access to make it easy to fill your jet ski without removing the cover.

Clean your Boat then protect with a Boat Cover

Boating is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you can have on our beautiful lakes, rivers, and oceans. Boats require a good deal of cleaning and maintenance, though, which is often time consuming and not always enjoyable.

Some boat owners spend as much time, if not more, cleaning their boats than they actually spend using them on the water. While keeping your boat clean and maintained is important, there is no reason that you should spend a majority of your time cleaning and polishing. 

With the proper equipment and cleaning products, you can save time while maintaining your boat’s beauty and protecting it from the harsh marine elements.

You can also reduce the time and effort of cleaning your boat by cleaning it routinely as and by using Boat Covers when it is not in use. 

Cleaning Your Boat’s Exterior: Choosing the Right Equipment

The type of boat you have and the materials from which it is made will determine what equipment and products are best for cleaning it. For most boats, you will need a durable brush for scrubbing away dirt, grime, stains, and salt.

The brush should not be so stiff and coarse that it could cause damage to your boat’s finish or clear coat. Your brush should have a sturdy handle, long enough to reach all areas of your boat, up high and down low.

This will eliminate the strain on your back and arms and will give you the needed leverage for effective boat cleaning. The brush and its bristles should be strong enough to withstand repeated use with cleaning products, exposure to the weather, and even salt water.

Other handy products to have for boat cleaning include buckets large enough for your brush, sponges, mops, towels, and chamois cloths. Very important for your boat as well as the environment is your choice of soap.

You should use a soap that is tough on dirt and grime, yet safe for the environment. Use a biodegradable soap with a neutral PH factor. Do not use dish washing detergents; they are too strong and could cause damage to the finish of your boat.

If you use your boat in salt water, it is particularly important that you use fresh water and soap to remove the salt buildup that can corrode your boat’s finish. Always be sure to follow the boat manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean your boat.

Do not allow the soap to dry and remain on your boat for extended periods of time.

The Best Way to Clean Your Boat’s Exterior 

Now that you have the proper equipment and cleaning products for the exterior of your boat, you can start cleaning. First, rinse the entire boat with clean, fresh water. 

This will remove and loosen any dirt, grime, and impurities that may have built up on the finish. Never brush or scrub a dry boat, as this may scratch or damage your boat’s finish or clear coat. Use a sponge or washing cloth with soapy water, and start lathering up areas at the top of the boat, working your way down. 

Working from the top to the bottom of the boat will keep suds from running over the already cleaned areas, which would then have to be rinsed again. Lather only one area at a time; if you lather the entire boat, the suds will dry and cause you to have to rewash the cleaned areas again to prevent streaking. After lathering, use your scrub brush to remove any dirt and grime before rinsing.

o prevent water spots, use chamois cloths or dry, soft towels to dry off any moisture after washing. Once or twice a boating season, you should wax and polish your fiberglass boat to preserve the shine and luster of the boat’s finish. Use a quality wax, such as a carnauba wax, for maximum protection.

Caring for the Details

Other components of your boat that may need special attention include metal trim and rails, glass or Perspex windows, and any wood trim or decking. Use a quality cleaner and sealant for any chrome or stainless steel on your boat.

For pitted or oxidized places on any metal surfaces, use of a metal wax may be necessary to improve their condition. Follow the metal cleaner manufacturer’s recommended instructions. 

Depending on the severity of the damage of your metal surfaces, the cleaning process may need to be repeated several times. For the glass and Perspex windows, a quality glass cleaner can be used, or a water and vinegar solution may work just as well. If the Perspex glass is already heavily scratched, there may not be much that can be done to repair it; however, there have been some new products developed recently that may improve their damaged conditions. 

Teak wood trim and decking should be varnished to keep them protected and looking good. If the wood has already been worn and lost some of its original color, you can sand it and then protect it by applying teak oil.

Cleaning the Boat’s Engine

ou will need to clean and possibly degrease the engine or motor of your boat. It’s important to make cleaning your boat’s engine part of your annual winterization ritual at the end of the season. 

Some boat owners choose to do this themselves, while others opt to have this done, along with other winterization tasks, by an experienced mechanic. A quality engine cleaner and protectant, such as WD-40 or Boeshield T-9, used in combination with a cleaning cloth is usually sufficient for removing accumulated dirt, grime, and grease.

These products also protect engine parts by creating a protective shield from moisture. If it’s an older engine with a considerable amount of build-up, you may need to employ a more powerful de-greaser, such as “Gunk.” 

Whatever solutions you use, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, and protect or seal off electrical engine parts first. If grease is removed from key engine areas that require this lubrication, be sure to re-apply some to these points upon completion of your cleaning.

Cleaning Your Boat’s Interior

You will also want to clean the interior of your boat, such as the carpets and vinyl upholstery. For the carpets, you should vacuum them to remove any loose dirt and grime. 

And if there are any spots, you should treat the spots with a quality stain remover, always following the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. After vacuuming and spot cleaning, use a good steam cleaner.

Start at the front of the boat and work your way back to avoid walking on the cleaned areas until they have completely dried. If a steam cleaner is not an option, scrub with a stiff bristled brush and a soapy solution and then rinse. 

Again, allow wet areas to completely dry before walking on them. For the vinyl upholstery in your boat, first wipe off with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, grime, or salt. Next, use a quality vinyl cleaner and wipe off all of the seats and padding inside the boat. 

For mildew buildup, use a mixture of four parts water to one part ammonia and scrub with a medium soft bristled brush. After cleaning, apply a light coat of furniture polish that is recommended for vinyl.

This will help protect and guard against stains, and it will help preserve your boat’s upholstery for many years to come.

Covering Your Boat with Quality Boat Covers

After you have cleaned your boat, you should cover it with a quality protective boat cover. Anytime you store your boat for any reason, clean the interior and the exterior as much as possible, then cover it with a boat cover to preserve that clean interior until you remove the cover on your next outing. 

Your boat will be as clean as when you covered it up. Whether your boat is stored outside or being towed on a trailer, boat covers will protect from moisture, leaves, bird droppings, and other extreme outdoor elements.

Whether your boat is a bass fishing boat, ski boat, deck boat, pontoon, v-hull, or another type, it’s important to protect your investment with protective boat covers.

While there is a lot involved in properly caring for and maintaining boats, using the right equipment and products, protecting them with boat covers, and establishing a regular routine of cleaning will reduce the overall amount of time and effort spent on maintenance.

Less time boat cleaning means more time enjoying your boat out on the water.

Boat Accessory Covers For Seat and More!

Boat Seat Cover

In addition to our extensive line of boat covers, we also carry Boat Accessory Covers to provide you with complete protection for all of your boating needs. 

Here is a list of all of the covers that we carry to make sure that every inch of your boat is covered!

Whether you need to protect your whole boat or specific parts, we’ve got you covered!

  • Center Console Covers
  • Bucket, Folding, and Pedestal Seat Covers
  • Outboard Motor Covers
  • And boating accessories, such as a boat cover support pole and a marine safety kit!

Protect Your Boat Year Round!

Boat Cover

Covers for Your Boat are a great way to protect your watercraft year round. Even during the summer when you are using your boat frequently, it still gets exposed to harsh elements.

The sun, rain, wind, and other environmental factors can all affect the surface of your boat. Whether it is docked in the open or in a covered structure, these elements can scratch or chip your boats finish.

We have boat covers to fit every type of boat: fishing boats, ski boats, pontoon boats, and more. 

We even sell covers for all of your boat parts, including the motor. Make sure that you are protecting your investment in the best possible way, year round.