Why Quality Watercraft Boat Covers Matter

Boat Cover

Drive through most parts of the country – especially those near lakes or the ocean – and you’ll start to notice plenty of boats or jet skis in driveways, carports, and yards. And depending on the time of year you’ll probably notice that those water crafts are covered. Covering up your investment offers peace of mind and the protection that it deserves. But there are usually two types of covers you’ll spot. In most cases you’ll see a quality, form-fitting boat cover or jet ski cover stretched over the boat and held in place by secure straps. But in some cases you’ll see cheap tarps or pieces of plastic tossed over a watercraft, held in place by bits of string, bungee cords, or even nothing at all.

It’s obvious which watercraft owner values their boat or jet ski more in these cases, and it should also be very obvious why actually buying a quality watercraft cover maters. Sure, you could purchase a cheap tarp from the local Big-Box retailer and throw it over your boat. But you’re not giving your boat the protection it deserves when you do that. There are numerous reasons that buying an actual boat cover or jet ski cover makes much more sense and is well worth doing, and taking a quick look at some of those reasons should help you see why it’s so important.

For starters, a cheapo tarp or cover just isn’t going to do its job as well as a quality one. They will be very thin and very prone to rips and tears. One snowfall on the tarp could tear it to shreds. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a durable, trustworthy cover for your boat instead of something that will fall apart when you need it most. Simply put, you get what you pay for and while boat covers or jet ski covers aren’t that expensive, they’ll cost a little bit more than a cheap alternative. But that price is well worth paying.

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The fit actually matters as well – more than most people realize. If you purchase a quality watercraft cover you’ll get a near-perfect fit for your boat or jet ski. This means that your boat cover will snugly cover your boat and leave very little extra space. Take another look at those boats or jet skis that are covered by a cheaper kind of cover. There will probably be plenty of extra tarp dangling off the boat, or at the very least there won’t be a very tight fit. This means a couple of things.

First, that when the wind starts to blow your cheap improvised cover may rip right off your boat. With a quality boat cover you’ll get a fit that won’t allow the wind to slip beneath it and carry it away, rip it, or even damage your boat. Second, all that space can allow animals to get into your boat during long periods of disuse. There are even stories of boat owners finding hibernating snakes underneath their tarp come springtime. A form fitting boat or jet ski cover won’t let that happen to you in the least.

With jet skis and even boats that fit and the quality straps also makes transportation easier. With the right boat cover in place you can actually haul your boat to the water while it’s still undercover. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with damage from road debris slung into their boat by tires on the open road will instantly be able to spot the advantages of this. Try going down the road with a loose, cheap tarp tied to your boat and see how quickly it becomes a parachute billowing in the wind – probably leading to you getting pulled over.

There’s another simple reason that making an investment in a quality boat cover or jet ski cover just makes sense. If you did drive through an area and notice those boats covered in different types of covers, there’s probably one thing that stood out in your mind. Simply put, the boats with a quality cover on them looked nice. The boats with a cheap tarp secured haphazardly to them probably looked ugly, unsightly, and even embarrassing. You’ve invested in your boat, so why let it linger over the colder months looking like a pile of garbage beneath an ugly tarp?

All of these points help illustrate the one basic thing that boat owners need to understand – there is really no reason not to purchase a quality boat cover for your boat. The prices are lower than most people realize and the level of protection they provide is simply too high to ignore. If you own a boat or jet ski, getting a quality watercraft cover is one of the smartest boat accessory purchases that you can make. You’ll get a snug, secure fit, all weather protection, and a durable product that won’t fall apart at the first signs of weather or weight.


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