Snow Blower Cab Enclosures and Covers

Protects Against Snow and Blowing Wind

Snow Blower Covers

Snow Blower Covers and Cabs

Protect yourself and your Snow Thrower with Snow Thrower Cabs and Covers from Our protective covers offer all-season, heavy-duty protection from sun and UV damage, bad weather, dirt, birds, and sticky tree sap.

Make sure your snow thrower is ready for action when it’s time to clear the driveways and walkways. Keeping your machinery protected with a Snow Thrower Cover when it’s not in use will prolong its life.

While using your snow thrower, be sure to protect yourself from the icy, cold wind and snow with a Snow Thrower Cab enclosure. Prevent wet, frozen hands, face, and torso by taking cover behind our easy to install Snow Thrower Cabs, made especially for two-stage snow throwers. Clearing the snow will be a much more comfortable task this winter.

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