Solar Pool Covers, Solar Blankets, & Reels

Above Ground and In Ground Swimming Pools

Bubbles Down on Solar Cover
Solar Blanket Closeup – Bubbles Down

A Solar Pool Covers is one of the most inexpensive covers you can get for your In Ground or Above Ground Swimming Pool. They are also known as solar blanketsSolar Pool Covers are similar to large sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles trap the heat from the sun and disperse the heat to your pool, which keeps the temperature of the water in your pool warm and soothing.  The solar blanket or solar cover also helps to preserve the warmth of the water from the sun and continues to keep it warm throughout the cool night time temperatures.

With solar covers, it is not necessary to use weights or straps to hold them in place; they lay and float on top of your pool’s water without restraints. Therefore, removal and replacement of a solar cover is very easy, just pull it off and store it. However this can be an awkward and strenuous task if you are doing this alone – imagine folding a giant wet cover by yourself – but, by incorporating the help of a Solar Pool Cover Reel, the task of removing your solar cover can be made much easier. When not in use, solar covers are usually folded or rolled-up on a solar pool cover reel and wheeled out of the way or put away in storage.

Solar Blankets can help in any climate and in all parts of the country, but they are ideal for use in sunny weather because the more heat they can trap, the warmer your pool water will stay; this can allow you to operate your swimming pool more and keep it open longer than your normal swim season.  Solar pool covers can increase water temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees.   It is important to remember that, although any cover will reduce some of the debris that enters a pool, solar pool covers are not designed specifically for cleanliness, nor are they considered safety or winter covers.  These covers must be completely removed from the pool before swimmers enter the water to decrease the chance of an accident.

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