24ft x 40ft Rectangle – In Ground Solar Blanket

Swimming Pool Solar Cover / Blanket

Bubbles Down on Solar Cover
Solar Blanket Closeup – Bubbles Down

A Solar Pool Cover stands out as a cost-effective option for both In Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pools. Often referred to as solar blankets, these covers resemble large sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles within the solar cover serve to capture sunlight and distribute the warmth to the pool, maintaining a soothing water temperature. This innovative design preserves the daytime warmth, ensuring that the pool remains comfortably heated during cooler nighttime temperatures.

Unlike traditional covers, solar covers do not require weights or straps to secure them in place; they effortlessly rest and float on the pool’s surface without constraints. Consequently, removing and replacing a solar cover becomes a simple task—just pull it off and store it. While this can be challenging when done alone, incorporating a Solar Pool Cover Reel significantly facilitates the process. When not in use, these covers are typically folded or rolled onto a solar pool cover reel, allowing for easy storage.

Whether your pool is Above Ground or In Ground, Solar Pool Covers offer consistent performance, making them a versatile choice for pool owners.

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