Custom Vinyl and Canvas Swing Set Tarps

For Swing Sets, Play Sets, and Playground Equipment

Play Set Replacement Canopy

Vinyl and Canvas Swing Set Tarps from are made of heavy marine grade vinyl with standard fasteners which are either brass grommets or stainless steel snaps. We offer stock sizes and custom made canopy tops in any size needed. This marine grade vinyl is a heavyweight 15oz. laminated material with UV protection and mildew retardant added. THE STRONGEST AND MOST DURABLE IN THE INDUSTRY!

NEW! Sunbrella Canvas Swing Set Tarps and Canopy Tops! – Tired of looking at a glossy top? We now carry TRUE CANVAS Tarp Tops made of awning grade Sunbrella fabric. This is the same fabric that high quality hotels use on their entrance way awnings.

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***IMPORTANT NOTE*** When installing, always install with tension to reduce the movement of the tarp in windy conditions, too much slack or lack of tension may cause damage to your tarp due to the excessive rubbing of the tarp to the play set frame. That type of wear or damage is NOT covered under the fabric warranty. We also recommend that if you live in an area that is prone to snow and ice during the winter months that you take down and put away the tarp until spring. The weight of the snow and ice are one of the worst problems that can affect the condition of the tarps.