Stock and Custom Covers of Superior Quality at Competitive Prices.

Shade Sails, Play Set Canopies, Patio Furniture, Pool Covers, Sandbox Covers

Welcome to Mighty Covers®, we specialize in stock and custom covers for protecting your family, personal property, and anything else of value. Durable and strong covers can shield your property from mild to extreme weather elements including the sun’s ultra violet(UV) rays. There are many reasons for needing covers to provide protection to people and their property. Our covers are over the top in quality and affordability.

Mr. SUN is So HOT!!!

You can trust that at Mighty Covers® that we understand how hot the sun can be. The sun can cause damage to your skin and most other things that are exposed to the the harmful ultra violet rays. Stock or custom covers can keep the items protected from not only the damage from the sun, but from all the weather conditions that they may be exposed to. When it is hot and sunny outside, Shade Sails can protect your skin from the sun’s UVs, but they can also give shade and make it cooler to enjoy the outdoors.

Safety and Protection for my Pool

For closing up and keeping the pool clean until opening in the spring, pool covers are great. Safety can be a major concern for pool owners with small children or pets. Safety Pool Covers that attach to the decking, keep children and pets safe and can prevent possible injuries or drownings.

Stock or Custom Covers?

If you can find a stock cover that works with the size of your product to be covered, you can usually save money and time. Our stock covers are made by vendors that make hundreds at a time as compared to a custom covers. Custom covers are made individually with the customer’s requirements. Thus it takes longer for the custom to be made and shipped out and they are usually more expensive than the stock covers.