24ft Round – Above Ground Solar Blanket

Solar Blankets for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Solar Cover Installed
Solar Blanket Cover Above Ground Pool

A Solar Pool Cover stands out as an economical choice for both In Ground and Above Ground Swimming Pools. Often referred to as solar blankets, these covers resemble large sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles in these covers serve to capture and disperse the sun’s heat into the pool, maintaining a warm and inviting water temperature. Acting as a thermal shield, the solar blanket retains the heat absorbed during the day, ensuring that the pool stays comfortably warm even during cooler nighttime temperatures.

Suitable for various climates across the country, solar blankets prove particularly effective in sunny weather, maximizing their heat-trapping capabilities. This, in turn, extends the swimming season, allowing for more pool usage. Solar pool covers have the potential to raise water temperatures by 10-15 degrees. It’s important to note, however, that while they reduce debris entry, they are not designed for cleanliness, safety, or winter coverage. Swimmers should ensure that the solar cover is completely removed before entering the pool to minimize the risk of accidents.

Solar Pool Covers work equally as well on both Above Ground and In Ground Swimming Pools.

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