20ft x 40ft Rectangle – In Ground Solar Blanket

Swimming Pool Solar Cover / Blanket

Bubbles Down on Solar Cover
Solar Blanket Closeup – Bubbles Down

Solar Blankets are versatile and effective in various climates across the country, with their performance peaking in sunny weather. The more heat they trap, the longer your pool water stays warm, extending your swimming season. Solar pool covers can raise water temperatures by up to 10-15 degrees, enabling extended pool use. It’s crucial to note that while these covers reduce debris entry, they are not designed for cleanliness, safety, or winter protection. Complete removal before swimming is essential to minimize the risk of accidents.

Unlike other covers, solar covers require no weights or straps to secure them in place; they effortlessly float on the water’s surface. Removing and replacing them is a simple process—just pull it off and store it. However, doing this alone, especially handling a large wet cover, can be cumbersome. To ease this task, a Solar Pool Cover Reel can be employed, streamlining the removal process. When not in use, these covers are typically folded or rolled onto a solar pool cover reel, conveniently wheeled aside or stored away.

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