12ftx24ft Oval – Above Ground Solar Blanket

Solar Blankets for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Solar Cover Installed
Solar Blanket Cover Above Ground Pool

Elevate your pool experience this year with our resilient above-ground blankets designed to increase your pool’s temperature by up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Crafted for optimal heating performance and durability, our 8-mil blankets feature thermal bubbles that retain heat during cooler nights and cloudy days.
Introducing the Solar Pool Cover, an economical and efficient solution for your swimming pool. Also known as solar blankets, these covers resemble large sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles in solar covers capture sunlight heat and evenly distribute it to your pool, maintaining a warm and soothing water temperature. These covers also help retain warmth during the night, countering cooler temperatures.
With Solar covers, anchoring weights or tie-down straps are unnecessary as they effortlessly float on your pool’s water surface. Removal and replacement are a breeze – simply pull it off and store it. While handling a wet blanket can be cumbersome, a solar pool cover reel makes the task much easier. Folded or rolled-up on the reel, it can be effortlessly wheeled out of the way and stored.
Effective in any climate, solar blankets are especially beneficial in sunny regions, prolonging your swimming season by keeping the pool water warmer. They can raise water temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees, allowing you to enjoy your pool for an extended period. It’s essential to note that, although they reduce debris, solar pool covers are not designed for cleanliness or safety. Remove the cover entirely before swimmers enter the water to minimize the risk of accidents.
Versatile and suitable for both Above Ground and In-Ground Swimming Pools, Solar Pool Covers are a smart choice for enhancing your pool’s warmth and usability.