12ft x 24ft Rectangle – In Ground Solar Blanket

Swimming Pool Solar Cover / Blanket

Bubbles Down on Solar Cover
Solar Blanket Closeup – Bubbles Down

Solar blankets prove beneficial in any climate and across all regions of the country, yet they shine brightest in sunny weather. Their efficiency lies in trapping more heat, ensuring that your pool water remains warmer. This not only extends your usual swim season but also allows you to operate your swimming pool more frequently. Solar pool covers have the potential to elevate water temperature by a noteworthy 10-15 degrees.

It’s crucial to note that while any cover reduces debris entry into the pool, solar pool covers are not explicitly designed for cleanliness, safety, or winter use. They excel in heat retention rather than these other functions. Before swimmers enter the water, it’s essential to completely remove solar pool covers to minimize the risk of accidents.

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