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Custom Furniture Covers Protect Your Investment

Custom Patio Furniture Covers

If you live anywhere that there are significant weather changes, your outdoor furniture is a concern. It is a lot of work to pack things up and put them in the garage. Not to mention that you might not even have room for storage like you’d want.

There is another option, of course. If you choose custom patio furniture covers, you can keep your furniture outside all year long and cover it up to protect it from the weather. There are a lot of generic and general use covers out there in the market today.

Every home and garden store has some type of generic selection of covers that will fit “most” patio furniture. This can be effective enough in some cases but if you really want to protect your investment you need to consider custom patio furniture covers.

These can be made to the exact specifications of your patio furniture so that you can keep it protected. Patio furniture isn’t cheap. Anyone who’s ever purchased it knows this. It’s a great way to enjoy your outdoor living space, though, which is what makes it worth the investment to many people. 

Look at your options and see what you can find for covers when you’re out and about and you’ll quickly see that nothing is quite right because it doesn’t guarantee a perfect fit. If you’ve ever bought these covers before, you know the frustration that can come from something that isn’t just right for your needs.

 Custom patio furniture covers are available to be made in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors. They are a lot more affordable than you think, too. So many people look past custom styles because they assume it’s out of their price range.

When you take the time to look at the facts, you’ll see that you can actually get a lot more for your money. Shop online with reputable companies to learn about custom patio furniture covers and what they can do for you.

If you spend any money on protecting your patio furniture, you want to make sure that it is well spent. With custom covers, you will be able to protect your furniture from the elements and keep it for a lot longer than you might otherwise, no matter what climate you live in.

How Do I Protect My Pegasus?

Or for that matter, how does one protect any kind of custom sculpture, whether it is a marble winged horse, an abstract iron structure, or even a custom bird bath? 

Outdoor sculptures and structures are intended to be exposed to the elements, but there are times when protection from severe weather and damaging environmental conditions is necessary. 

Throwing a tarp over an unusually shaped piece of art will not usually succeed in complete coverage.  Plus, the material from which tarps are constructed does not provide adequate protection for whatever lies underneath.

The answer to the question, “how do I protect my Pegasus” can be answered simply… Call MightyCovers.

The skilled and experienced hands at can make almost any kind of protective cover for any thing that requires coverage. 

It’s simple, really.  Just provide digital photos and dimensions to the design team, and they’ll construct a Custom Cover that will protect your precious Pegasus through the harshest weather.

Custom Protection Ensures a Future of Family Fun

Whether you’re fishing casually with the family or out cruising on the water with friends, pontoon boats offer one of the most safe and comfortable boating experiences around.

Many pontoon boats come equipped with comfortable features like couch seating, lounge and swivel seats, and wide, spacious decks.  

Thanks to twin hulls and a broad stance, pontoon boats are exceptionally stable.  This, plus the addition of side rails and gates, makes pontoon boats an ideal choice for families with smaller children. 

To protect pontoon boats when they are not on the water, whether in storage or in transit, they should be covered with a high quality, durable Boat Cover specifically designed for pontoon boats.

Since pontoon boats range from 16 feet in length to 30 feet, and since they can be customized with shade awnings as well as a second level, finding a protective cover that fits properly may be a challenge.

To adequately protect a pontoon boat, it is worth the extra expense to have custom pontoon boat covers made. Ensuring proper protection can keep a boat in top shape for many years ahead.

Today’s children who enjoy cruising on the water with Mom and Dad are tomorrow’s parents who can share that same joy with their own kids.

Custom Covers for Anything! Just Ask!

While Mighty Covers has a huge selection of covers in stock to fit almost everything around your home, we also specialize in creating the perfect Custom Covers to fit any and everything around your home.

Equipment, statues, and odd-shaped furniture can all be covered to your exact specifications. We recently made a custom cover for a queen sized outdoor day bed.

Because the item was so large and need an exact fit, a stock cover simply wouldn’t provide the level or protection needed. 

We worked with our manufacturer and the customer’s specifications to create a one of a kind, custom cover. 

If there is something large, unique, or oddly shaped that you need to cover, we can offer the solution. Straps, ties, grommets, and zippers can be customized at your request. Let us know what we can cover for YOU!

Save Your Bird Bath This Winter With a Custom Cover

My husband and I are bird watching nuts, and one of the best ways to attract birds to any backyard is by having a bird bath nearby.  Birds of all kind, from robins to sparrows to goldfinches, enjoy bathing parties in our bird bath throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.  

This year, we even invested more than I care to admit for a larger, more decorative bird bath in the hope of attracting even more of our feathered friends.  It worked! 

Custom Cover Made for a Bird Bath

Now that winter is on our door step, though, we want to be sure that our bird bath survives the harsh winter weather.  We’ve had a number of bird baths in the past succumb to ice and snow, but since we never before spent very much on our bird baths, we could always get a new one in the spring.  Not so this time…

To be sure that our newest and most luxurious bird bath can be enjoyed for many years to come, we decided to have a Custom Bird Bath Cover made.  The custom cover will protect the bird bath throughout the winter months, and we won’t have to worry about moving it to a safer location (it’s very heavy). 

Meanwhile, our winter bird friends can enjoy our small heated bird bath, and then in the spring, we can unveil the mother of all bird baths again for the warmer weather.

Covers for Everything!

Grill Cover

Protecting your investments is a wise decision. No one wants to invest money into something that they love, only to have it ravaged by the environment.

Sun, wind, rain, animals – Mother Nature can do some major damage to your belongings! The best way that you can protect the things that you love is with a Protective Cover

You can buy a cover for almost anything. Most people want to cover their vehicles, which are often expensive and large purchases.

Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and RVs all benefit from protection from the elements. You can get covers for recreational equipment, such as pools, swing sets, sandboxes, and grills.

You can even get Custom Covers made to fit almost anything! Mighty Covers can make any kind of custom covers that you can imagine from materials that include acrylic canvas, poly cotton, vinyl, polyester, and nylon. 

You can also have features such as Velcro, grommets, straps, etc. made into your cover. The possibilities are endless, and you will get a perfect fit from a cover designed specifically for your unique product.