How Do I Protect My Pegasus?

Or for that matter, how does one protect any kind of custom sculpture, whether it is a marble winged horse, an abstract iron structure, or even a custom bird bath?  Outdoor sculptures and structures are intended to be exposed to the elements, but there are times when protection from severe weather and damaging environmental conditions is necessary.

Throwing a tarp over an unusually shaped piece of art will not usually succeed in complete coverage.  Plus, the material from which tarps are constructed does not provide adequate protection for whatever lies underneath.  The answer to the question, “how do I protect my Pegasus” can be answered simply… Call MightyCovers.

The skilled and experienced hands at can make any kind of protective cover for any thing that requires coverage.  It’s simple, really.  Just provide digital photos and dimensions to the design team, and they’ll construct a custom cover that will protect your precious Pegasus through the harshest weather.

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