Fore! Four Essential Extras for the Golfing Guru

If you know and love a golfer, then you know how dedicated they can be when it comes to their game.  Some will spend hours upon hours on the course working to improve their skills and lower that score.  Ensuring that your golf guru stays comfortable during those long days on the links means providing him or her with a few essential extras.

1.  Golf car seat blanket — keep the seat warm and dry, or use it to cover up on chilly days when traveling to the next hole.

Golf Car Seat Blanket

2.  Golf Cart Organizer — multiple compartments hold extra balls, tees, and personal items like cell phones, maps, and more.  This handy helper keeps all the important stuff in one convenient spot.

Golf Car Organizer

3.  Golf car enclosures — unless there’s lightning, many golfers brave the elements to finish the game.  When equipped with a three- or four-sided golf car enclosure, your golfer can wait out poor weather conditions right on the course by seeking shelter within the enclosed golf car.  When bad weather passes by, your golfer can get right back to the game without further delay.

Deluxe 4-Sided Golf Enclosures

4.  Golf Mitts for Push Carts — some die-hard golfers scoff at the idea of driving a golf car and prefer to transport their clubs with a push cart.  Ensure those hands stay toasty warm with a pair of push cart golf mitts.  The mitts attach to the cart so they won’t ever get misplaced.

Golf Mitts for Push Carts

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