Safety Cover Repair Program Makes Peace of Mind Easy

Weather can take a tremendous toll on our outdoor furnishings, which is why using protective covers for patio furniture, gas grills, and anything else you wish to preserve is so vital.  But, what happens when the cover itself becomes damaged?  I’m referring specifically to the most important cover a homeowner uses if the home includes a swimming pool in the backyard.

Pool safety covers offer homeowners, especially those with children or pets, some peace of mind because the job of a safety cover is to prevent accidental submersion and drownings in the swimming pool.  Many homeowners choose to cover their pools with a safety cover for the winter season rather than a winter pool cover because safety covers offer that additional element of safety.  If a child or animal wanders onto a properly installed safety cover, it will protect that child or animal from falling into the pool.

What if, though, your safety cover becomes damaged?  Safety covers can be punctured, torn, or in some other way damaged by the effects of harsh weather conditions and render the safety cover unsafe.  Tending to this situation as soon as possible is important, but complete replacement of the safety cover is not always necessary.

Pool Safety Cover Repair/Replacement for Solid and Mesh Safety Covers

How can you tell if your cover can be repaired?  MightyCovers can help.  The safety cover repair program offered by works like this…

Visit and complete the Safety Cover Repair/Replacement form.  Fax the form, and they will send you  a box for shipping your cover back along with a prepaid return label.  MightyCovers pays shipping both ways as a courtesy to their customers.

Next, remove the hardware from your safety cover (springs and buckles),  place your cover into the provided box, tape it securely, place the prepaid UPS shipping label on the box, and take it to a local UPS shipping outlet.

When MightyCovers receives your damaged cover, they will inspect it to determine if a repair can be made or if complete replacement is necessary.  Once determined, they e-mail you a quote on the repair/replacement.  If you choose to have the repairs done, you will at that time provide them with payment information. If, on the other hand, you decide that you do not want your cover repaired or replaced, MightyCovers will ship it back to you at no charge to you.

MightyCovers understands the vital importance of safety covers for swimming pools, so their goal is to make the process of cover repair or replacement as easy as possible for homeowners and ensure that peace of mind can be maintained.

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