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Clever Holiday Storage Solutions for Every Decoration

Once the holiday season wanes, the time for packing away lights and decorations comes quickly.  While taking all the seasonal decorations out at the beginning of the holidays is always a fun time full of reminiscing, putting everything back again into storage boxes at the end of the holiday season is often a dreaded chore.

The key to making the decoration storage task less of a hassle, no matter which side of the holiday season you’re on, is using the right kind of storage bins.

Cardboard boxes attract pests and can get easily lost among all of the other storage boxes in your attic or crawl space.  Plastic bags don’t offer the kind of protection needed to keep decorations safe year after year.  The best solution is the collection of storage bins and duffels made by Seasons. 

The Seasons Decorations Storage Bins and Duffels include a variety of storage options that will safely and conveniently store everything including fragile ornaments, holiday twinkle lights, artificial trees and wreaths, and even inflatable yard decorations.

The advantages of the Seasons bins and duffels are that they keep your decorations protected more effectively than most other kinds of storage bins and bags, and they come in a festive cranberry color — easy to find among all the other boxes and bins in your storage area.

Each bin and duffel also has a see-through window so the contents can be easily determined with one glance. The Seasons Decorations Storage Bins and Duffels are a smart solution for keeping your holiday decorations in beautiful shape for many years.

Dads Go to Extraordinary Measures to Save a Buck

Who can deny that one of Dad’s favorite activities is saving money?  Your dad, my dad, the kids’ dad… it doesn’t matter — most of these guys really get jazzed about saving a buck or two.

Any dad will tell you, too, that the surest way to save money is to take care of the stuff you already have.  That way, you don’t have to shell out any dough to replace any stuff until it absolutely falls apart. Enter my husband, who happens to be a dad, too.

He’ll do anything to avoid replacing what he feels is still functional.  His work boots are falling apart, but to him, “they have character.” 

His weed whacker is held together with duct tape and spit, and he argues for its extended life by telling me — “hey, it still works!” 

Luckily, the more expensive the tool, the better he cares for it.  The lawn tractor is a good example. After each use, my husband wipes down his prized lawn tractor with a towel and checks the oil and gas levels. 

He then makes sure to cover it with a Protective Lawn Tractor Cover to keep dirt and dust from settling on any of the tractor’s surfaces and components.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he sings it a gentle lullaby before tucking it away under its protective cover.

I may tease him, but I have to admit that all the care he puts into maintaining the lawn tractor, as well as our vehicles and other more expensive possessions, pays off when I see how much that extra care and attention prolongs their lives and saves us significant amounts of money over time.

So, thanks to my husband, and thanks to all dads out there who do their darndest to save their families a buck.  Happy Father’s Day!