10 Reasons for using a safety pool cover

There are many types of pool covers available today. However, all pool covers are not safety pool covers. They are the type that are securely fastened down to the pool deck. The covers can be made of mesh fabric or solid fabric. Most important, they must be a certified ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials International) pool cover. The following ASTM standard requirements must be met to be certified as a “safety pool cover”.

  • Must be tested and updated regularly by a recognized 3rd party agency like Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Will have a working drainage system. This can include mesh drain panels or automatic pumps for solid fabric covers.
  • Cannot have any holes, tears or abrasions that could weaken the fabric.
  • Must be able to hold a weight of at least 485lbs (the estimated average weight of 2 adults and one child) to permit rescue operation.
  • Must demonstrate that any opening is sufficiently small and strong enough to prevent the test object being passed through. This is the Perimeter Deflection test.
  • Labeling requirements must include basic consumer information such as the warranty information, the appropriate warnings as described in the standard and acknowledge the product as a safety cover.

1) Safety of small children and animals is the main reason for a safety pool cover, reducing the chance of an accidental drowning.

Many states require that swimming pools must be enclosed in a fenced in area. Safety Covers may be a safer way to prevent a possible accidental drowning or injury. A fence is a barrier between the pool and someone outside of the fenced in area. The safety pool cover is a barrier on the pool itself. Again, the safety pool cover must be properly installed with no water build up on the cover. 

2) Keeps leaves and debris out of the pool.

Keeping your pool open all year, you should know all about the leaves and debris that collect in your pool. Debris can blow underneath a winter pool cover that is held down with water tubes or other weights. Usually less trash and debris will get under a safety pool cover since it is attached to the pool deck.

3) They block light to help reduce algae growth.

Depending on the fabric of the covers, they can block from 75 to 100 percent of the light from the pool water. By stopping the light, this will reduce the chance of algae growth.

4) Not as much chemicals are needed. Can reduce the pool chemicals usage by up to 60%.

Since the pool safety cover blocks as much light as they do, this will reduce the cost for chemicals. Close your pool with the proper amount of chemicals and then you will not add any more until the spring. If you kept your pool open all year, you would continue to spend money on chemicals.

5) Save water while reducing pool water evaporation.

Even during cold weather, a covered or uncovered pool will experience evaporation. However, with the safety pool covers blocking the sun from the pool water will experience less evaporation. Less evaporation will result in less water usage.

 6) Can help maintain the temperature of the pool water.

Safety covers are not used to warm up the water temperature of the pool water. But if your pool is heated, the safety pool cover can help keep the water temperature warmer than without one. There are solar pool covers that help maintain the water temperature by floating on the water of the pool. BUT SOLAR COVERS ARE NOT TO BE USED AS A SAFETY POOL COVER.

7) Less maintenance when using a safety pool cover.

Cleaning and vacuuming are not needed while the pool is covered. You are not testing and adding chemicals to the water regularly. Brushing the sides is not necessary when you are using your safety pool cover. You won’t have to fish out the toys or other objects since the cover will not allow them to enter the pool.

8) Safety pool covers save you money.

Safety pool covers save money by reducing the chemicals, water, electricity and possibly gas if the pool is heated. All of these utilities or commodities cost money. Pool service companies charge to maintain pools while they are open.

9) Save time from maintenance of an uncovered pool

Time is a precious commodity, so why waste it on maintaining a pool during the winter months. When a pool is properly covered using a pool cover, time is freed up for other activities. Other than keeping the water pumped off the top of the solid safety covers, it is practically maintenance free.

10) Add value to your home with a safety pool cover.

With the investment of this type of cover, security and value are added to your home. The safety issue alone adds peace of mind and value to any home with a pool.

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  1. Liz Beauty says:

    Sounds persuasive. I’d also add that not only children but also elderly or ill people are at risk of falling occasionally into the pool. A pool cover is a must.

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