Save Your Bird Bath This Winter With a Custom Cover


Custom Bird Bath Cover

My husband and I are bird watching nuts, and one of the best ways to attract birds to any backyard is by having a bird bath nearby.  Birds of all kind, from robins to sparrows to goldfinches, enjoy bathing parties in our bird bath throughout the spring, summer, and early fall.  This year, we even invested more than I care to admit for a larger, more decorative bird bath in the hope of attracting even more of our feathered friends.  It worked!

Now that winter is on our door step, though, we want to be sure that our bird bath survives the harsh winter weather.  We’ve had a number of bird baths in the past succumb to ice and snow, but since we never before spent very much on our bird baths, we could always get a new one in the spring.  Not so this time… To be sure that our newest and most luxurious bird bath can be enjoyed for many years to come, we decided to have a Custom Bird Bath Cover made.  The custom cover will protect the bird bath throughout the winter months, and we won’t have to worry about moving it to a safer location (it’s very heavy).  Meanwhile, our winter bird friends can enjoy our small heated bird bath, and then in the spring, we can unveil the mother of all bird baths again for the warmer weather.

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