Custom Protection Ensures a Future of Family Fun


Boat Covers - StormPro™ Pontoon Boat Covers

Whether you’re fishing casually with the family or out cruising on the water with friends, pontoon boats offer one of the most safe and comfortable boating experiences around.  Many pontoon boats come equipped with comfortable features like couch seating, lounge and swivel seats, and wide, spacious decks.  Thanks to twin hulls and a broad stance, pontoon boats are exceptionally stable.  This, plus the addition of side rails and gates, makes pontoon boats an ideal choice for families with smaller children.

To protect pontoon boats when they are not on the water, whether in storage or in transit, they should be covered with a high quality, durable boat cover specifically designed for pontoon boats.  Since pontoon boats range from 16 feet in length to 30 feet, and since they can be customized with shade awnings as well as a second level, finding a protective cover that fits properly may be a challenge.  To adequately protect a pontoon boat, it is worth the extra expense to have custom pontoon boat covers made.

Ensuring proper protection can keep a boat in top shape for many years ahead.  Today’s children who enjoy cruising on the water with Mom and Dad are tomorrow’s parents who can share that same joy with their own kids.

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