Jet Ski Covers – The Basics

Jet Ski CoversYour jet ski is an investment that pays out big in terms of fun, excitement, and pure pleasure. But the fact is that you have to protect that investment, and when you’re not using your jet ski the best way to keep it safe is to use a jet ski cover. They’ll protect your jet ski from the sun and other weather elements that can really damage your watercraft, from debris, and even from bird droppings or other animal related issues. In short, they’re a minor investment that protects your major investment and no jet ski owner should be without one for their jet skis, even if they usually store their watercraft in an area that is already sheltered.


Jet ski covers are available in two different grades and in the right size for your watercraft. Most standard covers are made from 200 denier fabric. They’ll provide water resistant protection against the elements and keep your jet ski safe. The other option is a Protek Plus 300 denier cover, which is much higher quality and is designed to fit your jet ski perfectly and provide the right level of protection. This higher end version also features a zippered fuel tank access to make it easy to fill your jet ski without removing the cover.


Both of these jet ski cover types are designed to be used whether your jet ski is on a trailer or not, and both offer a two year warranty that lets you know you’re making a purchase that you can rely on. And since they’re designed to hold tight to your jet ski, you can also leave them on as you travel to the water. The road holds its own dangers for a jet ski, and a small pebble flung up by a vehicle’s tires can do major damage to a jet ski. These covers help prevent that from occurring as well, keeping your watercraft safe even when you’re on the road. Jet Ski Covers


Some people simply ignore the need for a good jet ski cover, and others just wrap a cheap tarp around theirs and secure it with a couple of bungee cords. But after the money you’ve spent on your jet ski, it really deserves something a little better. A cheap tarp will be much more likely to be snagged by the wind and torn off the jet ski, is very thin and flimsy, and won’t be able to stay on your jet ski while you’re traveling. And just because you park your jet ski in a garage or carport doesn’t mean damage can’t occur. Dust, rodents, birds, and plenty of other variables can still come into play. A cover lets you relax and know that your jet ski is being fully protected.


If you’re ready to find the best level of protection for your jet ski or personal watercraft, simply look for a quality cover and match up the size of cover with your jet ski. They’re available in 124 inch long and over 124 inches long sizes, both of which will match up to nearly any jet ski perfectly.


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