Tractor and Mower Covers – Perfect no Matter the Time of Year

Tractor and Mower Covers

If you own a home with any amount of property with it, odds are you have a lawnmower. And if you’re one of the millions who own a good sized parcel of land, you probably own a tractor or riding lawnmower. For many, that mower or tractor is one of your key possessions. It not only makes mowing a lawn much easier to do, but it also offers a way to get other projects done. With dump beds and other attachments available it can fill a lot of roles on your property. That’s why keeping it in great shape is so important.

Using a lawnmower cover when you’re not using your tractor style mower is one of the very best things you can do. Yes, you need to keep filters changes, tires inflated, and oil changed as well, but few steps can have such a major impact on your mower’s overall health and well-being quite like a quality mower cover can. It’s not just a seasonal thing, either – using that cover year round when you’re not on your mower will make a huge difference in the look and performance of your mower as well as in just what you and your neighbors think about it.

Lawn Mower Cover

For starters, we’ll take a look at the seasonal factor. When the fall rolls around and it’s time to store your mower for the year, a lawnmower cover is the final step in your maintenance plant. Start by checking fluid levels and making sure they’re all adequate. Next, clean your mower. This means getting any clumps of grass out of the deck and making sure that the rest of the mower is free from dirt and grime. Then cover it up. The lawnmower cover serves a lot of different purposes during the off-season.

The main thing a lawnmower cover will do is protect your mower from the elements. Things like rain and snow are no good for your mower in terms of its finish and its engine. They can damage the seat, harm the battery, flood into the engine, and cause rust and corrosion. The sun will also harm your mower’s finish, and it’s important to protect it from that as well. And plenty of lawnmower owners have discovered rodent or insect damage when they’re getting ready for the first mow of the new season. Nothing’s more annoying that planning on cutting your lawn and finding that you can’t because a mouse chewed through your fuel lines.

In the short term, using a lawnmower cover between every usage of your tractor is still a good idea. That summer sun can bake a seat and cause it to crack, split, and fall to pieces. And one quick rainstorm can indeed have an impact on rust and on your motor. Yes, your engine is likely covered by the hood of your mower but it’s still a good idea to safeguard against any possible problems. And anyone who’s sat on their lawnmower without checking the seat after a rain knows that a dry seat means a happy homeowner.

To buy your lawnmower cover you’ll really only have to match up the type of mower you own to the type of cover you buy. Sizes aren’t that precise, but you don’t want to buy a traditional riding lawnmower cover if you own a zero-radius mower. The covers will most likely be a different size in those situations. Still, taking a few minutes to look at the specific cover being bought and making the right purchase will help you give your lawnmower the kind of protection it needs.



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