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Preparing Your Jet Ski for Winter Storage

Jet Ski Covers It’s time to put your Jet Ski away for the winter. Storing it properly now will ensure that its condition does not deteriorate over the winter months.
  1. Drain the engine. Be especially sure that it is free of all water from the last ride.
  2. Wash the exterior of the jet ski.  Clean away any dirt, debris, or algae that might have accumulated over the season. You should also dry the exterior thoroughly. For best results, wax the exterior prior to storage.
  3. Make sure that the gas tank is full and add gas stabilizers.
  4. Remove the spark plugs.
  5. Disconnect the battery and store it indoors for the winter month
  6. Use a jet ski cover to keep dust, weather, and animals off your jet ski during the winter months.

Cool Relief from Stifling Summer Heat


Boating and Boat Covers

Where do you go for relief on days when the heat, humidity, and intense sun threaten to chase you indoors?  If you own a boat, you most likely head for the water.  Boating offers a refreshing retreat from sweltering summer days.  Your boat can take you over cool waters to shady and private, tree-lined nooks along the banks of a favorite lake or river.  Perhaps you drop anchor, slip the snorkeling mask over your head, and jump in for a little underwater exploration.  Or, do you prefer to crank the motor on high and feel the cooler air wash over your face as you skim the water’s surface?

Boat CoversDo you use your boat every so often?  Every weekend?  Every day?  Whatever the frequency, you can maintain a cleaner boat that withstands harsh weather conditions better if you consistently use a Boat Cover to protect it.  Boat covers are available for every kind of boat, and they should be used when your boat is in storage, in transit, and after each day of use.

However you choose to use your boat, no matter what kind of boat it may be, it has the power to take you away from the stifling masses of thick, hot air that can be so oppressing on dry land.  For many boat owners, boats offer a quick and easy vacation destination.  Bring the dog and your bathing suit, and you’re ready for relaxation.

Jet Ski Safely This Summer!

Jet Ski Fun
Jet ski accidents happen too frequently and have been the subject of much media coverage lately. While jet skis are a great way to have fun and enjoy the water this summer, they also should be operated with the utmost care. Be sure to follow these safety precautions and tips to maximize your fun while minimizing your risk.

  • Don’t operate a boat or jet ski after you have been using alcohol or drugs. They impair reaction, timing, and judgement.
  • Make sure that your jet ski is in good working order prior to taking it into the water. Check fuel levels, make sure that there are no cracks or other abrasions in the body of the craft, and make sure that you are experienced in the operation of the vehicle. Take the off-season to study the mechanics of driving and use a jet ski cover to protect from damage.
  • To avoid injury, turn off the engine when individuals are in the water. Be aware of others around you and maintain a safe radius.
  • Don’t stand in or on the vessel while it’s in motion. Stay seated. You should also avoid overloading the jet ski by only allowing the maximum recommended riders on at one time.
  • Always wear a flotation device. It is also important to securely attach the engine stop lanyard to your wrist or PFD. Keep it attached at all times. If you should happen to fall of the jet ski, the engine will shut-off when the lanyard releases the kill switch.
  • Do not use jet skis at night.

Fuel-Free Summer Boating Ideas


Fuel-Free Boating

Unless you drive an electric vehicle or live on the banks of a river or lake, you’ll have to use a little fuel to get to your destination.  It’s not perfectly fuel-free, I’m sorry to say, but once you get to the water, you can leave the world of high-priced fuel behind and simply enjoy the quiet splendor of nature.

Whether your preference is to catch fish, snap photos, or just enjoy a relaxing outing on the water, you can find plenty of fuel-free fun in one of the following human-powered boats:

  • Jon Boats are ideal if fishing is your preference.  This basic, no frills boat allows you to safely keep yourself and your gear dry while you lure fish after fish toward your line.  Be sure to leave the outboard motor at home and opt for the oars.  This quieter, fuel-free option will prevent fish from getting frightened away.
  • Kayaks and Canoes are perfect for nature observers and photographers.  Getting close to your subject is easier when you can quietly and smoothly glide through the water without scaring away the very creatures you wish to capture with your camera.
  • Pedal Boats are fantastic family fun.  Powered only by your feet and legs, a pedal boat can take you across a pond or lake on a seriously fun family outing.  Kids love the novelty of pedal boats, and they make an effective lower body workout that adults will appreciate, too.

Saving fuel this summer doesn’t mean you have to stay home.  Take your Jon Boat, Kayak, Canoe, or Pedal Boat to the nearest body of water, and create your own human-powered adventures.  When your day is done, be sure to protect your boat with a proper Boat Cover to keep it safe from weather exposure and ready for your next fuel-free boating excursion.

Boat Covers for Jon Boats "Olive"  Infinity™ Canoes/Kayaks Covers  Pedal Boat Covers

Checklist for Boating Necessities

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally considered the opening of the boating season, with many areas of the country starting as early as May 1st. Are you ready for boating season to kick off? Below is a handy check list of what you will need to start boating season. Get ready now and you can hit the water at the first sign of summer!

  • Clean your boat, including waxing, windows, and all surfaces.
  • Make sure your registration is up to date and on board. Make sure that your numbering is visible and legible.
  • Check battery, motor, and all electrical systems for problems prior to getting on the water.
  • Make sure that you have a sound signaling device, heaving line, waterproof flashlight, and other emergency devices. You can purchase a marine safety kit to stow on board for convenience.
  • Make sure that distress signals, life vests, fire extinguishers, compass, and first aid kits are aboard and ready to use. Replace any of these items that are expired, used, or damaged.
  • Inspect and make sure that you have a bailer, hand pump, oar, and other items for distress.
  • Check your head system, water system, trailer system, and sails (in applicable).
  • Inspect your anchor and anchor line for damage or wear.

Marine Safety Kit

Jon Boat Covers for Sportsmen!


Jon Boat Cover

A Jon Boat is an exciting tool for any hunter and fisherman. It is a flat-bottomed boat with bench seats. They are great for hunting because the flat bottom creates greater stability than a traditional v-shaped hull. You will be able to stand and aim while on the water. They are also a great way to set out on the calm waters for an afternoon of fishing. You will be gliding smoothly over the water in no time. When hunting season is over, your boat will need to be stored to prevent wear and damage from wind, rain, bird droppings, and other environmental elements. A Jon Boat cover the perfect way to protect! It comes in a rich olive color that will surely please any outdoorsman and mold and mildew resistant fabric that will hold up in any conditions. You will be hunting and fishing for years to come with this superior level or protection.

Jet Ski Covers Now Will Ensure Summer Fun Next Year


Jet Ski Covers

The waters are getting colder as the summer season transitions into fall.  Hopping aboard that jet ski for an exciting spin in the lake is not as tempting now as it was just a few weeks ago when the temperatures were still sweltering.  It’s just about time to think ahead to winter sports and to fun-filled, snowy days — but not before you protect your summer investment with a high quality protective cover.

Jet ski covers should be constructed of fabric that provides superior protection against sun, rain, dirt, and pollutants.  If you store your jet ski outdoors throughout the year, that cover should also have rear air vents to reduce inside moisture and to keep the cover down during windy days.  It’s a good idea to keep your jet ski covered in the summer months while it’s not in use, but it’s especially vital to cover your jet ski over the long winter months when it could be exposed to snow and ice, in addition to sun, rain, and dirt.  Protecting your jet ski adequately now will pay off when summer rolls around again and the waters are warm enough to take it for a spin.

Outboard Motor Covers Keep Motors in Top Shape



Whether you are done boating for the day or for the season, it’s a good idea to cover your motor with a high quality outboard motor cover.  Doing so helps to protect the motor from dust and dirt that can easily damage the inner workings.   Additionally, outboard motor covers prevent scratches as well as damage caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Covering your outboard motor ensures a longer life and a higher resale value should you ever decide to upgrade to a larger motor.

Boat and Accessory Covers


Boat Cover

Boating is a past time that many Americans enjoy. From fishing to skiing to just relaxing on the water, boats have something for the whole family. However, they don’t come cheap and require quite an investment. Protecting every square inch of your boat is important and necessary to maintain its appearance. Boat covers are available in all shapes and sizes and can be made to fit any boat, including ski boats, pontoon boats, canoes, and pedal boats. If you are looking for more localized protection for certain features of you boat, you can find boat accessory covers, too. There are covers for motors, seats, and even consoles. Covering your boat ensures that you will be able to maintain and enjoy it for many years!