Checklist for Boating Necessities

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally considered the opening of the boating season, with many areas of the country starting as early as May 1st. Are you ready for boating season to kick off? Below is a handy check list of what you will need to start boating season. Get ready now and you can hit the water at the first sign of summer!

  • Clean your boat, including waxing, windows, and all surfaces.
  • Make sure your registration is up to date and on board. Make sure that your numbering is visible and legible.
  • Check battery, motor, and all electrical systems for problems prior to getting on the water.
  • Make sure that you have a sound signaling device, heaving line, waterproof flashlight, and other emergency devices. You can purchase a marine safety kit to stow on board for convenience.
  • Make sure that distress signals, life vests, fire extinguishers, compass, and first aid kits are aboard and ready to use. Replace any of these items that are expired, used, or damaged.
  • Inspect and make sure that you have a bailer, hand pump, oar, and other items for distress.
  • Check your head system, water system, trailer system, and sails (in applicable).
  • Inspect your anchor and anchor line for damage or wear.

Marine Safety Kit

One thought on “Checklist for Boating Necessities

  1. Teo says:

    You are running in salt water? I stick mine in a trhsacan to flush it out then dry with cloth/paper towels. I then spray a light coat of WD-40 over it and wipe it off with another clean rag. This helps keep the water and rust off really well. My engine looks good and still starts 1st or 2nd pull. It is a 1955 johnson and all I have replaced is the starter cord twice.

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