Considering RV Travel? Think Small!

Recreational Vehicles

Toying with the idea of RV travel?  When it comes to recreational vehicles, the best approach may be to start small.  Class A monster-size motorhomes are certainly tempting, offering enough amenities and space to serve as a second home.  But, when first venturing into the vast and varied world of RVs, starting small is a safe and affordable way to get a taste of RV living.

Among the variety of towable recreational vehicles, the teardrop trailer is the smallest and, arguably, the cutest.  Dating all the way back to the 1930s, the teardrop trailer has a charming retro look and plenty of cozy comfort for two travelers.  Teardrop trailers are ideal for weekend get-aways.

If towing an RV doesn’t sound inviting, then try a class B motorhome instead.  Class B RVs are the smallest motorhomes available.  Essentially, class B RVs are conversion vans equipped with all of the basic conveniences found in larger motorhomes.  Small families can comfortably sleep, cook, eat, and relax on board.  Most class B motorhomes have toilets and showers, too.  Class B RVs are easy to maneuver and park, and they require less fuel than larger RVs.  As motorhomes go, the class B is an ideal place to get started with RV travel.

No matter what type of RV you decide to purchase, take care of it properly by protecting it when you’re not out on the road.  Covering your recreational vehicle with proper RV covers protects your new “home away from home” from damages caused by environmental exposure.

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