Fuel-Free Summer Boating Ideas


Fuel-Free Boating

Unless you drive an electric vehicle or live on the banks of a river or lake, you’ll have to use a little fuel to get to your destination.  It’s not perfectly fuel-free, I’m sorry to say, but once you get to the water, you can leave the world of high-priced fuel behind and simply enjoy the quiet splendor of nature.

Whether your preference is to catch fish, snap photos, or just enjoy a relaxing outing on the water, you can find plenty of fuel-free fun in one of the following human-powered boats:

  • Jon Boats are ideal if fishing is your preference.  This basic, no frills boat allows you to safely keep yourself and your gear dry while you lure fish after fish toward your line.  Be sure to leave the outboard motor at home and opt for the oars.  This quieter, fuel-free option will prevent fish from getting frightened away.
  • Kayaks and Canoes are perfect for nature observers and photographers.  Getting close to your subject is easier when you can quietly and smoothly glide through the water without scaring away the very creatures you wish to capture with your camera.
  • Pedal Boats are fantastic family fun.  Powered only by your feet and legs, a pedal boat can take you across a pond or lake on a seriously fun family outing.  Kids love the novelty of pedal boats, and they make an effective lower body workout that adults will appreciate, too.

Saving fuel this summer doesn’t mean you have to stay home.  Take your Jon Boat, Kayak, Canoe, or Pedal Boat to the nearest body of water, and create your own human-powered adventures.  When your day is done, be sure to protect your boat with a proper Boat Cover to keep it safe from weather exposure and ready for your next fuel-free boating excursion.

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