Jet Ski Safely This Summer!

Jet Ski Fun

Jet ski accidents happen too frequently and have been the subject of much media coverage lately. While jet skis are a great way to have fun and enjoy the water this summer, they also should be operated with the utmost care.

Be sure to follow these safety precautions and tips to maximize your fun while minimizing your risk.

  • Don’t operate a boat or jet ski after you have been using alcohol or drugs. They impair reaction, timing, and judgement.
  • Make sure that your jet ski is in good working order prior to taking it into the water. Check fuel levels, make sure that there are no cracks or other abrasions in the body of the craft, and make sure that you are experienced in the operation of the vehicle. Take the off-season to study the mechanics of driving and use a Jet Ski Cover to protect from damage.
  • To avoid injury, turn off the engine when individuals are in the water. Be aware of others around you and maintain a safe radius.
  • Don’t stand in or on the vessel while it’s in motion. Stay seated. You should also avoid overloading the jet ski by only allowing the maximum recommended riders on at one time.
  • Always wear a flotation device. It is also important to securely attach the engine stop lanyard to your wrist or PFD. Keep it attached at all times. If you should happen to fall of the jet ski, the engine will shut-off when the lanyard releases the kill switch.
  • Do not use jet skis at night.

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