Avoid Excessively Expensive Lawn Care!

Many cities and communities have ordinances that require residents to keep their lawns managed and presentable. In some places, these laws are strictly enforced. Can you imagine the city charging you if they have to take matter into their own hands and trim your lawn? Can you imagine them charging you $650 for this one time service? This recently happened to a home-owner in Phillipsburg, NJ. After neighbors complained about the unruly lawn, the city presented the home with a notice to get the lawn in order. When they didn’t, the city did. They were charged for the overtime labor of two city workers and well as the charges for use of the town’s trucks. That is one expensive day of landscape maintenance! Don’t let this happen to you. Check with your local government or community program to make sure that you are following lawn maintenance restrictions. Keep your lawnmower and other yard tools is clean conditions and working order to make sure that they are ready year round. During the off season, be sure to use measures that prevent unusual wear and tear, such as lawn mower covers. You don’t want to pay the costs for excessive grass!

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