The More Comfortable Alternative to Camping

June is National Camping Month!  While camping sounds like a lot of fun, not everyone likes to pitch a tent and camp while sleeping on the hard, bumpy ground.  Likewise, not everyone prefers “camping” in the posh grandeur of a Class A motorhome, which is more like a hotel room on wheels.  The best way to camp out, in my opinion, is to hitch the pop-up camping trailer to the back of a vehicle and head to a favorite camping site.

Pop-up camping trailers offer the best of both worlds when it comes to camping.  These recreational vehicles have soft sides like a tent, and the screening over the windows allows fresh air to circulate throughout.  Like a tent, pop-up campers are light on the amenities — bathroom features are limited, and fancy additions you might find in a more expensive RV aren’t usually available, like a snazzy sound system.  In short, pop-up campers are the next best thing to camping in a tent, except the beds are more comfortable, and there’s more protection from the elements should the weather grow fierce.

As recreational vehicles go, pop-up camping trailers are the most affordable to buy and maintain, easiest to tow, and easiest to store when camping season is over.  When not being used, pop-up campers should be protected with a proper RV cover.  RV covers prevent dust, dirt, and harsh weather from damaging an RV, and they keep RVs ready for use the next time National Camping Month rolls around again.

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