Sandbox Covers Required at Daycares and Schools

Sandbox Cover Sandbox covers are a great way to protect your children from dirty and contaminated sand, but did you know that they might be REQUIRED in your state? Most daycare and school centers must make sure that their sand is protected when not in use. Cats and other animals will often use sand as a litter box, making it extremely unsanitary. Many states have taken action and set minimum requirements for all sandboxes. Most of these minimum requirements include a sandbox cover. Check with your local officials and make sure that you are staying legal! We offer custom sandbox covers of any shape and size and several high quality materials. Custom Sandbox Covers are an important step in preventing cats and other animals from making your children’s play area their outdoor litter boxes. Covers also help keep the sand clean and free of leaves, rocks, pine needles, grass, insects, and other debris. Once you remove your sandbox cover, the sandbox is ready for immediate use. Make sure that when the kids are ready to play, you don’t have to check the sand for debris or clean it out before the fun can begin. Custom Sandbox covers make playtime in the sandbox fun, clean, and safe.

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