Pergola Shade Cloth – Getting a Little Extra Shade

Pergola Shade Cloth A pergola may be a great way to enjoy a few hours outside without too much sun, but let’s be honest – the only way they’re really effective is when the sun is in that perfect spot. When it’s hitting your patio or deck full on, the odds are that the pergola isn’t really going to do much for you in terms of blocking out the sun. That’s where pergola shade cloth can come into play. By adding a simple shade cloth fabric to your pergola you can escape from the dangerous UV rays and enjoy being outside any time of day no matter where the sun is hanging in the sky. Essentially, shade cloth used for pergola shade is just what it sounds like. There are several different types of shade cloth available and it can be custom fit for your pergola, patio, gazebo, carport, playground, or any other area that you feel needs a little extra shade. They provide different levels of UV protection depending on the actual type of canvas material you choose to use, but all of the different options are well worth taking a closer look at due to the increasing number of studies that detail the risks associated with the sun and overexposure to it. Pergola Shade Cloth Commercial 95 Shade Fabric is one of the highest quality shade cloths you can choose to purchase. It provides up to ninety eight percent UV blockage, which means that you don’t have to worry about skin damage caused by the sun when you’re hanging out underneath it. It’s designed to be moisture resistant and won’t support the growth of mold or mildew. And due to its quality knitted design, it’s almost tear-proof. Coolaroo Shade Fabric is the second option and it too is a knitted material that provides protection from the sun’s rays. Its UV protection rating is between 70 and 90 percent and is available in larger bulk sizes. It’s usually a better option if you’re not as concerned about high UV protection, if you’re on a tighter budget, or if you have very large areas that you need to cover. It’s designed not to rot or grow mold and won’t change its size in the heat of the day, something that is a problem with some other materials used in shade cloth and pergola shades. Either of these fabrics will usually come with a ten year warranty, provided they’re used properly. And installation is very easy to do. While many people opt to let the pros handle it, the fact is that with just a few basic tools you can install your pergola shades on your own. If you’re planning on installing your shades by yourself, remember that you should use either heavy-duty staples or screws with washers. You’ll simply align the edges of your shade cloth with the appropriate edges of the pergola and fasten it down. Washers are needed for screws since they’ll actually cover much more space on the material and eliminate the risk of tears, rips, and loosened areas. With two people, installing an average sized shade cloth will take only a few hours of work. But the enjoyment you get from one will last far longer and give you years of quality protection.    

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