Everything You Wanted to Know about Safety Pool Covers

Custom Safety Pool Cover

Cool weather’s coming, with the leaves starting to change their colors and the nights growing longer. That means it’s time to start shutting down your swimming pool for the season. And while there are plenty of steps you should take during this process, installing a pool safety cover is one that could be a lifesaver – literally. Safety pool covers are designed differently from standard covers and they accomplish much more. They’ll still help keep debris out of your pool and reduce chemical expenses, but these covers also help protect your family from accidental drowning. If you’re wondering if a safety pool cover  is right for you, taking a closer look at what it offers is a step well worth taking.

Basically, safety pool cover are made from a much tougher material than traditional types of pool covers. It’s worth mentioning now that if you have an above ground pool, the only way you’ll be able to install a safety pool cover over it is if the pool is completely surrounded by a deck. That’s because these pool covers attach to anchors installed within the deck. The straps that hold the cover run to springs which then attach to these anchors, giving it the strength that is needed to protect those who fall into it from drowning. Anchors can be mounted into almost any material, from wood to concrete and beyond. And before you ask, the anchors are mounted flush with the surface of the deck to prevent those painful stubbed toes or dangerous trips.

Our safety pool covers come in a variety of different colors, so no matter what your style is you’ll be able to find it. You can match your cover to your home, your pool furniture, or whatever else you need to match it up with. Be sure to take a good look at scrim numbers when you’re shopping for safety pool covers, since these tell you how dense the weave is. That helps indicate just how dense and strong the material used in the safety pool cover is. Quality covers will be rated to around 485 pounds per five square feet and in some cases to even more.

The other point to consider with pool safety pool covers is whether or not you want a mesh or solid one. Solid ones are just what they sound like, and block out every bit of debris, dirt, and sunlight from the pool. Mesh ones are designed with small perforations to allow drainage. They’ll let in more light and possibly some debris, but in areas with heavy snow or rainfall they ensure that the weight of the water on them doesn’t ruin the cover. You’ll want to think about your climate and the weather you get over a winter to figure out which option is right for you.

Installing safety pool covers is easier than most people realize. It’s basically the same as a standard pool cover, only with the extra step of using the lanyards and anchors instead of just weighting down the edges. If you have kids, pets, or are just concerned about the overall safety of your pool when you close it down for the season, upgrading to a safety pool cover is probably a good idea.

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