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Beautiful Shade Sail Installations to Inspire

Shade sails can be a beautiful addition to any backyard or outdoor area. They are a perfect patio or pergola cover.

Shade Sails are available in several different kinds of fabric (Commercial 95, Sunbrella, and Coolaroo) and can be stock or custom sizes to fit any space. 

They also come in an abundance of colors. Try layering or arranging different sizes or shapes of shade sail to create a custom look. Here are some examples of shade sail installations. Call Mighty Covers at 888-246-6909 to find out how to create these custom looks.

Sun Sail Shades Installed over Parking Area
Sun Sails Installed Over Patio
Sun Sails Installed a Residential Patio Area
Shade Sails Installed on a Restaurant Patio on Rooftop

Party Shade Sails Create Instant Shade When You Need It

Party Shade Sails and Sun Shades

Sometimes, all that’s needed is temporary shade.  Whether you’re at the park or in the backyard, shade is not always where you need it most.

Making your own shade is simply a matter of hanging up a Party Shade Sail. Party shade sails are triangular in shape and constructed from Coolaroo’s well-known UV resistant fabric.

Party sails are generous in size, measuring close to ten feet long on each side.  Additionally, they block up to 90 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so you and your family stay protected.  

Party shade sails are intended for temporary use, though, so they are much less expensive than permanent shade sails, and they require only three nearby fixing points for installation. 

Tie each corner of a party shade sail to trees or to existing posts or poles, and you have instant shade. Create a colorful shaded area for a backyard party or family gathering. 

Protect your picnic lunch at the park from the harsh rays of the sun.  Construct a temporary shelter for a kiddie pool or sandbox play area.  Party shade sails are a versatile solution for temporary shade.

Installing Shade Cloth: A Complete How-To

Shade Cloth on Pergola

Shade Cloth is a great medium to provide sun protection and shade to your porch, pergola, or patio. It is very versatile and can be used for countless purposes so get creative and let your imagination be your guide. For installation, let Mighty Covers be your guide! What you will need to apply shade cloth to your pergola or patio:

  1. Rolled shade cloth – enough to cover your area, plus 25% more.
  2. Box cutters or other sharp cutting instruments
  3. Attachment hardware – screws, nails, or 1″ staples.
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Safety Goggles
  6. Hammer
  • Roll out your shade cloth across the structure you are planning to cover and pull it loosely into position.   Leave at least 8-12 inches of overhang on all sides.
  • Attach shade cloth to one of the longest sides first. Start at one end and pull with medium pressure (enough to get the wrinkles out and just a bit more) as you move along the edge.    Attach the shade cloth to the structure about every 12″.
  • Finish attaching the outside edges, continuing in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Make sure that the knitted knot lines in the fabric are straight.
  • When attaching the shade cloth along an edge of the structure where you’ll be cutting the fabric, be sure to move the attachment point in from the outside edge, beam, or post so you leave room to cut the fabric.
  • When joining the edges of two rolls of shade cloth, try not to overlap the cloth if possible.
  • Tack down to any interior support beams, if required, and trim off all the edges using a box cutter.

You are now ready to enjoy your newly shaded area. Pictures of all steps are available online. If you have any further questions about installing shade cloth, please contact Larry at, and he will be glad to offer assistance.

A Sexy and Energy-Saving Home Improvement Project – Shade Sails

Shade Sails

While new windows, tankless water heaters, and energy-efficient appliances can be exciting improvements for any homeowner, they aren’t what many would describe as “sexy.” 

One home improvement project that offers “sexy” visual appeal as well as the benefits of  energy efficiency is shade sails. 

Shade Sails are a stylish solution for outdoor shade where traditional awnings and umbrellas won’t work or simply won’t do.  They provide artistic and architectural flair while blocking up to 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and allow homeowners to create cool and comfortable outdoor living areas, and they prevent the sun from penetrating nearby windows and heating up the home’s interior.

Cooler inside temperatures mean less time running the air conditioning on warm summer days. Shade Sails are made with durable and breathable Sunbrella fabric that helps to keep you cool and comfortable even in the hottest weather. 

These sails are covered with a limited 10 year warranty and provide you with a UV protection factor of up to 98%. Sunbrella’s state-of-the-art solution-dyed acrylic fabric is fade and water resistant. The fabric also resists stains, mildew, and rot.

The perimeter of each sail is surrounded with a seatbelt type webbing for increased strength and durability. Each corner has a welded solid marine grade stainless steel attachment ring to aid in attaching the sail to a structurally sound fixing point.

With shade sails, combining “sexy” good looks with energy-saving efficiency is possible.  They are a colorful and fresh home improvement project that provide real results in comfort and energy-savings.

Shade Sail Solutions – Custom and Stock!

Shade Sails

If you are looking for a fun and unique way to get your backyard ready for warmer weather, shade sails are a great option.

Patio Shade Sails are areas of fabric that are stretched tight to create shade to any area of your patio or other outdoor area. 

They can be attached to homes, trees, or columns, or they can be a completely free-standing structure supported by wood posts or steel columns. 

Shade sails are UV resistant to keep you from the sun’s harmful rays and some material are almost completely waterproof! There are many colors and shapes to choose from, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, Custom Shade Sails are available!

Custom Shade Cloths Cover It All!

If you are looking for a durable, easy to use, and beautiful way to provide cover around your home, you should definitely consider Shade Cloth

If you are not familiar with shade cloth, it is a knitted or woven material that is waterproof, fade resistant, and UV blocking.

It is extremely moisture resistant and can hold up to the most extreme temperatures. It is perfect for covering playground areas, pergolas, patios, carports, entryways, gazebos, porches, dog kennels, or any other area where you want to provide a cooling and comfortable shade. 

Shade cloth can be easily attached to any wooden structure with screws because lock stitch construction prevents tearing or fraying when the material is cut. 

You can purchase any amount of fabric and trim it to fit your needs. You will not be disappointed with this shade covering.

Cool, Unique Shade Sails

Shade Sails, also known as sun sails, are quickly gaining popularity in the US and are a beautiful way to shade your backyard, patio, courtyard, or children’s play area.

A shade sail is a large, geometric shape of fabric that is stretched nice and tight over an area to provide shade. They are wonderfully versatile and can be attached to many surfaces, including trees, homes, and columns or posts. 

They can also be taken down seasonally as required. With the proper tension, shade sail fabric will not wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind.

You can find these sails in a variety of different fabrics and fabric weights, all designed to block harmful UV rays. 

There simply is not another product on the market that can provide the protection and elegance of shade sails. They are the perfect combination of decorative and functional!