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Pergola Shade Cloth – Getting a Little Extra Shade

Pergola Shade Cloth

A pergola may be a great way to enjoy a few hours outside without too much sun, but let’s be honest – the only way they’re really effective is when the sun is in that perfect spot.

When it’s hitting your patio or deck full on, the odds are that the pergola isn’t really going to do much for you in terms of blocking out the sun. 

That’s where pergola Shade Cloth can come into play. By adding a simple shade cloth fabric to your pergola you can escape from the dangerous UV rays and enjoy being outside any time of day no matter where the sun is hanging in the sky.

Essentially, shade cloth used for pergola shade is just what it sounds like. There are several different types of shade cloth available and it can be custom fit for your pergola, patio, gazebo, carport, playground, or any other area that you feel needs a little extra shade.

They provide different levels of UV protection depending on the actual type of canvas material you choose to use, but all of the different options are well worth taking a closer look at due to the increasing number of studies that detail the risks associated with the sun and overexposure to it.

Commercial 95 Shade Fabric is one of the highest quality shade cloths you can choose to purchase. It provides up to ninety eight percent UV blockage, which means that you don’t have to worry about skin damage caused by the sun when you’re hanging out underneath it. 

It’s designed to be moisture resistant and won’t support the growth of mold or mildew. And due to its quality knitted design, it’s almost tear-proof.

Coolaroo Shade Fabric is the second option and it too is a knitted material that provides protection from the sun’s rays. Its UV protection rating is between 70 and 90 percent and is available in larger bulk sizes. 

It’s usually a better option if you’re not as concerned about high UV protection, if you’re on a tighter budget, or if you have very large areas that you need to cover.

It’s designed not to rot or grow mold and won’t change its size in the heat of the day, something that is a problem with some other materials used in shade cloth and pergola shades.

Either of these fabrics will usually come with a ten year warranty, provided they’re used properly. And installation is very easy to do. While many people opt to let the pros handle it, the fact is that with just a few basic tools you can install your pergola shades on your own.

If you’re planning on installing your shades by yourself, remember that you should use either heavy-duty staples or screws with washers. You’ll simply align the edges of your shade cloth with the appropriate edges of the pergola and fasten it down.

Washers are needed for screws since they’ll actually cover much more space on the material and eliminate the risk of tears, rips, and loosened areas. 

With two people, installing an average sized shade cloth will take only a few hours of work. But the enjoyment you get from one will last far longer and give you years of quality protection.

Shade Sails – Buying Your Patio Covers

There’s no doubt that enjoying some fun in the sun is part of what summer is all about, but there’s a lot to be said about blocking off the sun’s rays.

With plenty of reports out there discussing the dangers of UV rays and the simple fact that it can be uncomfortable for your skin and eyes to sit in the sun, adding a little measure of shade to your patio, deck, or even your pool area is a good idea.

And it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, adding these covers is always a good idea. One of the most unique types of patio covers available today are Sun Shade Sails, and adding these quality covers to your outdoor areas will have a big impact in how your family enjoys your space. 

Basically, shade sails are a type of patio cover that look interesting and are a great combination of form and function. These patio covers are designed with a centenary curve that rolls the fabric near the center and gives it unique look.

But the design also ensures that the fabric used in it won’t wrinkle, flap in the wind, or sag. They’re also designed to help shed rain and snow up to a point. Of course, they’re so easy to remove and to install that there’s really no reason not to go ahead and remove them when the seasons change and you’re no longer using your outdoor area.

Homeowners add shade sails to their barbecue area, outdoor kitchens, pools, patios, and even to their backyard. Whether you’re having an event or just enjoying the day, they’re a perfect addition to a home. 

But just the overall look and design of the shade sails aren’t all you need to think about. You also have to consider the actual fabric used in the construction of your shade sails. Here are a few things to look at.

Size is the first thing most people will think about, and that’s an obvious one. Basically, you can get shade sails in a number of standard sizes designed to let them serve as patio covers perfectly. But you can also have Shade Sails Custom Made for nearly any size.

This makes sure that no matter what you’re using them for or how large your area is, you’ll be able to find the right one for you. Next, take a look at what shade sails will reflect.

The key here is the sunlight reflection, and each of these patio covers will deliver a different type of UV blockage. All good shade sails will have a ninety percent UV block, but some could go up to ninety eight percent. Also, some will be unaffected by moisture and almost waterproof. 

They’ll stand up to mildew, mold, and moisture while giving you and your family the shelter that you need. Take a look at the warranty information concerning any shade sails you’re thinking about buying.

Too many people just assume that they’re coming out on top by buying discount or budget patio covers.

But quality shade sails will have warranties of at least ten years, letting you know that you’re not wasting your money. 

Essentially, if you’re looking for a way to help shield your family from the sun but still enjoy the outdoors, these are patio covers you can’t afford to pass by.

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The Advantages of Shade Sails Add Up to an Ideal Shading Solution

Highlander Shade Sails

All that’s needed to create a shady spot in an outdoor living area is one of the many available shading options. A few of these options include patio umbrellas, awnings, shade canopies, and shade sails.

Patio umbrellas are a popular choice for shading the small area occupied by a dining table or cozy seating area. Awnings are another shade option that allow homeowners to shade most or all of a patio or deck. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not prefer the look of awnings, which can appear old fashioned and clash with more contemporary decor. Shade canopies are a third shading option for outdoor spaces, but they are intended for temporary, rather than permanent, use.

All of these shading options have their place, but when it comes down to it, they leave little room for creativity, and they don’t offer the right solution for spaces with non-traditional shapes and sizes.

Shade Sails offer homeowners a more updated and versatile means of shading outdoor living spaces. They are readily available in standard shapes and sizes, but custom shade sails can be made to meet custom needs. Rectangles, squares, and triangles in a variety of appealing colors give homeowners the creative freedom to design the look of their outdoor spaces and create as much or as little shade as desired. 

A unique architectural and artistic effect can be achieved with careful planning and placement of two or more shade sails. Because of their versatility, shade sails are an appealing shade solution in an endless variety of situations. Not only can they protect patios, decks, and porches, they can also provide shade for entry ways, children’s play areas, swimming pools, outdoor restaurants and cafes, and more.

Shade sails are easy to install and can be attached to homes, trees, or patio columns. They can also be a completely free standing structure supported by wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings. Shade sails can be left up year round or used seasonally; they are easy to take down and store.

While looks are an important factor in choosing a shading option for outdoor areas, performance is just as important, if not more. The best quality shade sails are constructed from superior outdoor fabrics that can block up to 95 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Shade sail fabric is most often water resistant rather than waterproof. This allows the sail to breathe more effectively, which keeps the shaded area much cooler. Shade sails should be expected to withstand extreme temperatures and resist fading and mildew. 

Because of the number of advantages offered by shade sails — versatility, attractive appearance, and effectiveness — homeowners are often surprised to learn that they are less expensive than many other types of shading options.

But, low cost is an additional advantage that makes shade sails an increasingly appealing shade solution for homeowners and business owners. When combined, the advantages that shade sails offer set them far apart from the other shading options available.

Patio umbrellas, awnings, shade canopies, and most other shading options simply can’t provide the same affordable performance and stylish appearance.

The Easy DIY Guide to Shade Cloth Installation

Pergola Shade Cloth

Shade Cloth is great for making shade under pergolas and other open structures, whether they’re standalone or connected to a building. Many homeowners choose to install shade fabric themselves instead of hiring a professional because it is simple and easy to do.

How to Select Shade Cloth

When choosing shade cloth for your project, be sure to insist on the highest quality fabric. Investing in a quality product initially can lead to financial savings over time. Materials of poor quality deteriorate and are damaged by sunlight and adverse weather conditions. You’ll end up spending more later when you have to replace the poor-quality fabric.

Good shade fabrics block 90%+ of UV rays and let air circulate to keep the shaded area cool. Don’t expect shade cloth to be completely waterproof, but it should be resistant to rot, mildew, and mold. It should also be able to withstand other harsh weather conditions, such as accumulated snow, ice, and brisk winds.

Shade cloth comes in various colors and is sold by the yard or in rolls. When installing this product on a pergola or other open air structure, it’s best to purchase the fabric by the roll. Having fewer seams during installation makes the process easier and improves the final appearance.

Installation Supplies

  • Rolls of shade cloth available.. Be sure you have enough fabric to cover your structure, plus 25 percent more.
  • Measure twice, cut once with tape.
  • Cutting tool such as a utility knife or similar sharp instrument.
  • Attachment hardware. Ideally, the attachment points will not be visible from underneath the structure. Select either screws, nails, or staples that are 1 inch in size.
  • Use a drill, hammer, or staple gun to affix your selected hardware.
  • Protective eyewear or safety goggles.

Installation Instructions

  • Unroll the shade cloth across the structure you wish to cover, and pull it loosely into position. Leave 8 to 12 inches or more of overhang on all sides.
  • Attach the shade fabric to one of the longest sides of the structure first using your chosen hardware. Start at one end and pull with medium pressure as you move along the edge. Pulling with medium pressure means pulling out the wrinkles and making the fabric slightly taut. Attach the shade cloth to the structure at approximately every 12 inches.
  • Finish attaching the outside edges of the fabric to your structure, continuing in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Ensure the knitted knot lines of the fabric stay straight as you progress.
  • When attaching the shade cloth, leave space between the attachment points and the outer edge of the structure. This space will make it easier to cut off any excess fabric. This will allow you to easily cut off any excess fabric. To do this, move your attachment points in from the edge of the structure in from the outside edge, beam, or post.
  • When joining the edges of two rolls of shade cloth, avoid overlapping them.
  • If necessary, secure the cloth to any interior beams. Use a utility knife or another sharp tool to trim the excess shade fabric.
  • Once installed, you can enjoy your newly shaded pergola or other open air structure immediately. To view photos of any step in this installation process, visit the Mighty Covers Shade Cloth Installation page.

Please feel free to contact one of our customer service agents at 1-888-246-6909

Shade Sail Ideas – An Abundance of Uses

Sun Sail

Having fun in the sun is a big part of what the great outdoors is all about. But with the dangers of UV rays becoming all too familiar, it’s important that you take the steps to protect your family from the sun. 

Sunscreen is a necessity when you’re enjoying time outside, but for many, deciding to utilize shade sails around their outdoor areas is a solution that will really help make a difference in your family’s safety and enjoyment of Mother Nature.

Basically, Shade Sails are a type of shade cover that can be used to shield certain areas from the sun and from rain. They’re an attractive, stylish option in a sea of bland ones and can solve a number of problems. The most common use for shade sails is to simply shield high-use areas from the sun.

Things like patios, swimming pools, and decks are the most common areas that a shade sail can be added to, but you can use them nearly anywhere. Car spaces are a good example, and you can protect your car from the harsh sunlight by parking beneath one of these shade covers.

Children’s play areas need to be safe, and protecting your kids from the sun is easy with a shade sail. Even garden areas can benefit from the addition of a shade sail and make it much more enjoyable to sit in. 

Installing shade sails is a simple process, and you can get creative when you add them to any area. Some people actually install steel or wooden posts specifically for their shade sails, but you can also attach them to trees, patio posts, and even to your home. 

This makes it a little cheaper and more convenient to install the sails and prevents you from having to add unwanted posts and rails to your home. If there is a structure available, odds are that you can attach your shade sail to it and enjoy what it offers. One of the more popular uses for shade sails is budgetary in nature. 

A covered pergola, porch roof, or deck cover can cost thousands of dollars in labor and materials. But when you want to hang out outside you’ll want some kind of cover over your head. Instead of spending that money on a wooden frame roof, odds are that you can quickly, easily, and affordably add a sun shade like this to your home and get the covered protection you need for less, and with much less time and energy spent on the set up. 

Since shade sails feature a gradual centenary curve, they’re attractive to look at. They don’t give that ugly ‘tarp tied to a tree’ look that some other shade covers can cause. And since the tension is easy to adjust, you won’t have to deal with heavy wrinkles, sagging, or a shade sail that flaps in the wind or becomes bogged down by rain. 

They’ll stay up and look classy – almost artistic, in fact. And that artistic appearance helps highlight yet another application of these shade covers. When you have special events, using Shade Sails can really leave an impression on your guests. 

An outdoor wedding, reception, or birthday party, for example, is a perfect occasion for the use of shade sails. By installing them creatively you can give your guests the shelter from the sun and rain that they’ll need but still have a unique look and feel to your event.

Instead of bland tents or plain awning, you’ll have a curved, flowing style going on that will really make your guests feel like they’re somewhere special. Many people utilize multiple shade sails over each table at their event as well as in strategic locations around the grounds. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to shield your swimming pool area from the sun or want to keep wedding guests protected, shade sails are the perfect kind of sun shade that you can buy.

They’re easy to set up and can be removed during the off-season to help prolong their longevity. Basically, they’re one option that is well worth looking at no matter what your specific need may be. They could be just the answer that you’re looking for.

Benefits of Shade Sails – Why They’re Better

Shade Sail Gallery

Relaxing around the house is one of those things we all wish we could do more often but that we don’t always have the time to do. So when you actually do have the opportunity to enjoy some time at home, it’s important that everything is perfect.

For most, relaxing outside is one of the better choices. You’ll get fresh air and much more, but it’s important that you stay protected. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, a pool area, a deck, or a patio, cover is important due to the dangers of the sun’s UV rays and the constant risk of an afternoon rain shower.

There are plenty of different options out there for cover, but among them shade sails are one of the best. Shade Sails are a different kind of shade cover. While patio umbrellas are good for small areas, and while awnings are often the first thought, shade sails are a little different from both of these and have plenty of advantages.

They’re also a better call than traditional shade canopies or even a brand new wooden roof. If you’re looking for the best way to cover your outdoor areas, taking a closer look at the advantages of a shade sail is probably a step you don’t want to overlook. They may not be for everyone, but they could be just what you’re looking for.

For starters, shade sails are effective. The higher-end fabrics used in Sunbrella Shade Sails can block out around ninety five percent of UV rays and keep you safe. They’ll be waterproof for those moments when rain comes, resistant to mold, mildew, and fading, and won’t be prone to tears and rips like lower quality options. 

If just shade is important to you, a mesh fabric that has a tight weave, high in density like Commercial 95 Sun Sails, may be just the answer and save you money at the same time. In short, they work and they work well so it’s important to keep them in mind when performance matters to you – which it always should.

But plenty of other options are effective as well, so why go with shade sails? Compared to permanent construction like a porch roof or a wooden cover over a pool or deck, they’re much cheaper and easier. Once you factor in the costs of labor and materials, a framed roof can cost you thousands of dollars – maybe more, depending on the size. It will also require several people for construction and will take days for completion.

When you want to enjoy yourself quickly, the wait for a traditional roof to be built can get annoying quickly. Add in the mess generated by saws, concrete, and more and you’ve got a hassle that you may not want to deal with. Shade sails can be installed quickly and save you huge amounts of time, money, and hassle. 

Shade sails are much more versatile than other options, too. Unlike patio umbrellas or shade canopies these are high-quality shade covers that can be used nearly anywhere.

You can attach them to your home’s wall, to trees, to existing posts, or set new posts and attach them to those. They’re easy to remove when you don’t want them and will cover much more space than a patio umbrella, letting you get exactly the kind of cover you want no matter what. Simply put, they’re among the most versatile shade covers you can find.

They’re also incredibly attractive. Many people opt to forego a traditional awning or shade canopy because they’re ugly, to put it plainly. They have a dated look that probably won’t match your home or your style.

But with their unique shape and design, shade sails capture the modern age perfectly and give your home a look that other covers can’t. There are hundreds of Shade Sail Designs in terms of installation, and you can use a single shade sail or multiple ones to get the look that you’re hoping for. 

When you’re looking for a cover that saves you time and money, looks great, is highly versatile, and provides excellent performance, shade sails are the one option that you will find fits every one of these needs.

Again, they may not be for all homes or for everyone but there’s something to be said for what they can add to your home. If you want to get the most from the great outdoors when you’re at home, it’s probably worth it to take a closer look at what these shade covers have to offer.

Customizable Shade Sails for Every Home

Sunbrella Shade Sail

Shade Sails are completely customizable to your backyard. We have equilateral and right angle triangles, rectangles, and squares. 

You can also choose your fabric: Coolaroo, which blocks approximately 90% of UV rays; Commercial 95, which blocks 96-98% of UV rays; and Sunbrella, which blocks 96-98% of UV rays and is nearly waterproof.

We have stock sizes, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can make a custom sail for you. Let us know what you need for your shade and Mighty Covers can get it done.

Shade sails are an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to create shaded spaces outside of the home or business. At home, they allow you to cover your patio, swimming pool area, gardens, children’s play areas, cars and other vehicles, and virtually any outdoor area that you would like to be protected from the sun. 

Businesses find shade sails valuable for creating shade in courtyards, outdoor break areas, and open air restaurants. Shade sails can be mounted to practically any surface and are simple to install. Now you can create a shaded area anywhere around your home, yard, or business. 

Shade Sails provide excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV rays.

They come in a variety of standard shapes, sizes, and colors which meet the needs of most home and business owners. 

Shade Sail Options Abound

Shade Sail

Stock and Custom Shade Sails of Superior Quality at Competitive Prices.

Shade sails offer a beautiful and customizable option in shade solutions. Customers like that they are available in several materials, shapes, and sizes so you can create a stylish and functional retreat in your outdoor area. Below are the three brands of shade sails available at Mighty Covers. Knowing and understanding each type of material will help you choose the shade sail that is perfect for you.

  • Commercial 95 Shade Sails are available in standard sizes, as well as custom options. The standard sizes come in square, rectangle, equilateral, and right angle triangle shapes and a variety of sizes. Commercial 95 cloth is made of high density polyethylene fabric, offers 96% – 98% UV block, and has a 10 year fabric warranty. The material is a breathable fabric which is unaffected by moisture and temperature extremes. Commercial 95 cloth comes in 13 colors: Aquamarine, Aquatic Blue, Black, Bluebird, Bright Green, Brunswick Green, Charcoal, Cherry Red, Deep Ochre, Desert Sand, Driftwood, Gun Metal Gray, Natural White, Navy Blue, Orange, Rivergum, Sky Blue, Steel Gray, Stone, Turquoise, White, and Yellow.
  • Sunbrella Shade Sails are also available in standard and custom sizes. Standard sizes come in square, rectangle, right angle triangle, and equilateral triangle shapes. The material is a solution dyed acrylic fabric that is breathable, but nearly waterproof. Sunbrella material offers 96 – 98% UV block and comes with a 10 year fabric warranty. The standard sizes are available in eight colors: Forest Green, Mohave Sand, TerraCotta, Natural, Jockey Red, Taupe, Beige, Pacific Blue and Sunflower Yellow. Special Order Sunbrella Colors are Aquamarine, Black, Navy, Tuscan and Turquoise.
  • Coolaroo Shade Sails are available in square and triangle stock sizes. Your color choices include Ocean Blue, Desert Sand, and Brunswick Green. Coolaroo material is a high density, polyethylene fabric that is unaffected by moisture and temperature extremes and block approximately 90% of UV rays. These shade sails come with a 10 year fabric warranty.

A More Sophisticated Shade Solution

Shade Sails

As you think ahead to spring and summer, you may want to consider an alternative means of providing your family with shade on sunny afternoons. 

Patio umbrellas, awnings, and shade canopies are some of the more traditional shading options, but shade sails bring a more sophisticated and custom look to outdoor areas.

 Shade Sails offer homeowners an updated and versatile means of shading outdoor living spaces. They are readily available in standard shapes and sizes, but custom shade sails can be made to meet custom needs.

Rectangles, squares, and triangles in a variety of appealing colors give homeowners the creative freedom to design the look of their outdoor spaces and create as much or as little shade as desired.

A unique architectural and artistic effect can be achieved with careful planning and placement of two or more shade sails. Because of their versatility, shade sails are an appealing shade solution in an endless variety of situations. 

Not only can they protect patios, decks, and porches, they can also provide shade for entry ways, children’s play areas, swimming pools, outdoor restaurants and cafes, and more.

Shade sails are easy to install and can be attached to homes, trees, or patio columns. They can also be a completely free standing structure supported by wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings. 

Shade sails can be left up year round or used seasonally; they are easy to take down and store.

Party Shade Sails Offer an Affordable Alternative

Coolaroo Party Shade Sail

If you are interested in the unique look of shade sails but are not quite ready to spend a large amount of money to buy one, Party Shade Sails might be the perfect option.

They come in five vibrant colors – red, blue, orange, yellow, and green. Made by Coolaroo, one of the leading manufacturers in shade sails, this lost cost alternative is great for adding shade or festive decoration to your next outdoor event.

They are also great in children’s play areas. The material blocks 90% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays while “breathing” to allow air to circulate.

This keeps the environment underneath much cooler and reduces temperatures under the sail by up to a third. With its breathable design, Coolaroo fabric will also allow water to filter through.

It is easy to clean and resists mildew and mold. At the super affordable price of $29.95, you can have a stylish shade sail for your yard or party area without breaking the bank!