Benefits of Shade Sails – Why They’re Better

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Relaxing around the house is one of those things we all wish we could do more often but that we don’t always have the time to do. So when you actually do have the opportunity to enjoy some time at home, it’s important that everything is perfect.

For most, relaxing outside is one of the better choices. You’ll get fresh air and much more, but it’s important that you stay protected. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, a pool area, a deck, or a patio, cover is important due to the dangers of the sun’s UV rays and the constant risk of an afternoon rain shower.

There are plenty of different options out there for cover, but among them shade sails are one of the best. Shade Sails are a different kind of shade cover. While patio umbrellas are good for small areas, and while awnings are often the first thought, shade sails are a little different from both of these and have plenty of advantages.

They’re also a better call than traditional shade canopies or even a brand new wooden roof. If you’re looking for the best way to cover your outdoor areas, taking a closer look at the advantages of a shade sail is probably a step you don’t want to overlook. They may not be for everyone, but they could be just what you’re looking for.

For starters, shade sails are effective. The higher-end fabrics used in Sunbrella Shade Sails can block out around ninety five percent of UV rays and keep you safe. They’ll be waterproof for those moments when rain comes, resistant to mold, mildew, and fading, and won’t be prone to tears and rips like lower quality options. 

If just shade is important to you, a mesh fabric that has a tight weave, high in density like Commercial 95 Sun Sails, may be just the answer and save you money at the same time. In short, they work and they work well so it’s important to keep them in mind when performance matters to you – which it always should.

But plenty of other options are effective as well, so why go with shade sails? Compared to permanent construction like a porch roof or a wooden cover over a pool or deck, they’re much cheaper and easier. Once you factor in the costs of labor and materials, a framed roof can cost you thousands of dollars – maybe more, depending on the size. It will also require several people for construction and will take days for completion.

When you want to enjoy yourself quickly, the wait for a traditional roof to be built can get annoying quickly. Add in the mess generated by saws, concrete, and more and you’ve got a hassle that you may not want to deal with. Shade sails can be installed quickly and save you huge amounts of time, money, and hassle. 

Shade sails are much more versatile than other options, too. Unlike patio umbrellas or shade canopies these are high-quality shade covers that can be used nearly anywhere.

You can attach them to your home’s wall, to trees, to existing posts, or set new posts and attach them to those. They’re easy to remove when you don’t want them and will cover much more space than a patio umbrella, letting you get exactly the kind of cover you want no matter what. Simply put, they’re among the most versatile shade covers you can find.

They’re also incredibly attractive. Many people opt to forego a traditional awning or shade canopy because they’re ugly, to put it plainly. They have a dated look that probably won’t match your home or your style.

But with their unique shape and design, shade sails capture the modern age perfectly and give your home a look that other covers can’t. There are hundreds of Shade Sail Designs in terms of installation, and you can use a single shade sail or multiple ones to get the look that you’re hoping for. 

When you’re looking for a cover that saves you time and money, looks great, is highly versatile, and provides excellent performance, shade sails are the one option that you will find fits every one of these needs.

Again, they may not be for all homes or for everyone but there’s something to be said for what they can add to your home. If you want to get the most from the great outdoors when you’re at home, it’s probably worth it to take a closer look at what these shade covers have to offer.

4 thoughts on “Benefits of Shade Sails – Why They’re Better

  1. Jaque Christo says:

    Thank you for the benefits of shade sails and why they are better. I like that shade sails are a more permanent structure as opposed to an awning or umbrella cover. You can also get them in waterproofing material so they can hold up to the rain as well.

  2. Ellie Davis says:

    Thank you for pointing out that shade sails are easier to install than a permanent fixture. My husband and I are wanting to get some shade sails for our pool. I’ll have to do some research and find the best company in our area to get them from.

  3. Thomson Smith says:

    It’s valuable that you mention that shade sails can protect you from UV rays while you are relaxing outside. I’d like to spend more time relaxing in my garden, so I’m thinking about buying some shade sails for my yard this year. I’m going to look for a reputable business that can sell me some shade sails.

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