Shade Sail Ideas – An Abundance of Uses


Sun Sail

Having fun in the sun is a big part of what the great outdoors is all about. But with the dangers of UV rays becoming all too familiar, it’s important that you take the steps to protect your family from the sun. Sunscreen is a necessity when you’re enjoying time outside, but for many, deciding to utilize shade sails around their outdoor areas is a solution that will really help make a difference in your family’s safety and enjoyment of Mother Nature. Basically, shade sails are a type of shade cover that can be used to shield certain areas from the sun and from rain. They’re an attractive, stylish option in a sea of bland ones and can solve a number of problems. The most common use for shade sails is to simply shield high-use areas from the sun. Things like patios, swimming pools, and decks are the most common areas that a shade sail can be added to, but you can use them nearly anywhere. Car spaces are a good example, and you can protect your car from the harsh sunlight by parking beneath one of these shade covers. Children’s play areas need to be safe, and protecting your kids from the sun is easy with a shade sail. Even garden areas can benefit from the addition of a shade sail and make it much more enjoyable to sit in. Installing shade sails is a simple process, and you can get creative when you add them to any area. Some people actually install steel or wooden posts specifically for their shade sails, but you can also attach them to trees, patio posts, and even to your home. This makes it a little cheaper and more convenient to install the sails and prevents you from having to add unwanted posts and rails to your home. If there is a structure available, odds are that you can attach your shade sail to it and enjoy what it offers. One of the more popular uses for shade sails is budgetary in nature. A covered pergola, porch roof, or deck cover can cost thousands of dollars in labor and materials. But when you want to hang out outside you’ll want some kind of cover over your head. Instead of spending that money on a wooden frame roof, odds are that you can quickly, easily, and affordably add a sun shade like this to your home and get the covered protection you need for less, and with much less time and energy spent on the set up. Since shade sails feature a gradual centenary curve, they’re attractive to look at. They don’t give that ugly ‘tarp tied to a tree’ look that some other shade covers can cause. And since the tension is easy to adjust, you won’t have to deal with heavy wrinkles, sagging, or a shade sail that flaps in the wind or becomes bogged down by rain. They’ll stay up and look classy – almost artistic, in fact. And that artistic appearance helps highlight yet another application of these shade covers. When you have special events, using shade sails can really leave an impression on your guests. An outdoor wedding, reception, or birthday party, for example, is a perfect occasion for the use of shade sails. By installing them creatively you can give your guests the shelter from the sun and rain that they’ll need but still have a unique look and feel to your event. Instead of bland tents or plain awning, you’ll have a curved, flowing style going on that will really make your guests feel like they’re somewhere special. Many people utilize multiple shade sails over each table at their event as well as in strategic locations around the grounds. Whether you’re looking for a way to shield your swimming pool area from the sun or want to keep wedding guests protected, shade sails are the perfect kind of sun shade that you can buy. They’re easy to set up and can be removed during the off-season to help prolong their longevity. Basically, they’re one option that is well worth looking at no matter what your specific need may be. They could be just the answer that you’re looking for.

3 thoughts on “Shade Sail Ideas – An Abundance of Uses

  1. Jenny says:

    A sun shade/shade sail with proper tension would be too much for your gutter. The anchor point needs to be able to handle about 150 lbs of tension.

  2. Holly Yielding says:

    Hello Pat, Jenny is correct. Your mounting point would need to be structurally strong enough to handle the tension of a properly installed shade sail.

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