Storing Your RV – A Basic Guide to RV Covers

RV Covers

Your RV probably logs a lot of miles if it’s anything like most people’s. An RV vacation can give you and your family the ‘together time’ that is so hard to find these days. It can also save you money since staying in an RV park is much cheaper than renting a hotel room for the night. They are also great for tailgating at sporting events. But as much as you probably love your RV, you don’t use it as much as you’d like. Most people only get their RV on the road for about twenty six days out of the year. That means that your recreational vehicle is parked for more than three hundred days every single year. While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, storing your RV improperly can cause some very significant problems to develop.

Problems with RVs often occur during their downtime. Basic issues like damage to the exterior of an RV caused by the sun or paint damage due to bird droppings are a couple of the more common issues. Other problems include things like insect invasion, rodent issues, damage done by debris, and much more. Plenty of people keep their RV’s fluids changed, but they fail to take the next steps needed to really ensure that their RV remains in top shape. Storing an RV properly and using a quality RV cover is the best way to keep yours in great condition. And remembering a few key steps will help you store yours properly.

For starters, get in there and clean. Nobody likes to open up their RV and get ready for a trip only to find that the carpets are caked with mud, there’s rotting food in the fridge, and mildewing clothes on a bed. Clean it with all the care and attentiveness it deserves and be sure to use any cleaning products just as directed. Basically, get your RV’s interior into pristine shape. Now move outside and give it a thorough washing. There are special brushes that can help you reach hard to get to spots if you need them. Be sure to use a quality cleanser and not just something that won’t get the job done. Once you’ve got the entire RV cleaned give it an hour or so to dry before moving to the next step.

That drying period is a good time to check under the hood and make sure that your fluids are all where they need to be and to take a look at the tires and ensure they’re ready for storage as well. Also use the time to check the various accessories your RV may have. Things like the AC unit, the LP gas tanks, and even the septic holding tank are all important to button down before storage.  If you have a BBQ Gas Grill that you store in your RV, make sure it is clean, inside and out. Make sure they’re all properly sealed and ready for storage when you’re getting ready to shut down your RV.

Now you’ll want to use your RV cover and properly cover the recreational vehicle. It’s not a good idea to cut corners when it comes to RV covers. There are covers out there for every type of motor home and camper, so be sure that you find one that provides a snug fit and quality protection. This is important because using a tarp or poor quality cover could really come back to haunt you. They’ll tear, rip, and blow away in wind. Take the time to order a quality RV cover and to install it properly. You won’t regret it.

Once you’ve got the RV cover on, add any accessory covers you may have. Many RV owners use tire covers, AC covers, or even gas tank covers to make sure they’re fully protecting their motor home. This is a great idea, is less expensive than most people think, and will give your RV the level of protection that it needs during any period of non-use.

That’s all there is to it. Once these steps are done you should be able to relax and know that your RV is in good shape until you’re ready to use it again. It usually takes a couple of hours for most people to button down their RV and get it stored properly, but it’s an investment in time that is very wise to make. With a little effort and a quality RV cover, your RV will be ready to go whenever you are.

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