Car Covers – An Overview

Car Covers

Your car may very well be your pride and joy. Lots of automobile owners purchase a car and look at it as a work of art, or at the very least as an investment that they need to put forth plenty of effort in protecting. And even for those who park their vehicle in a garage or under a carport, there’s still a good chance that the car can get a little bit of slight damage. But with the help of quality car covers, that’s an issue that doesn’t usually arise. If you want to keep your car in pristine shape, a car cover is probably a good idea.

Car covers offer a lot of protection from a lot of different things. Leaving a car out in the elements will cause UV damage, for example. There’s no escaping the sun unless you shield your vehicle from it, and it can not only damage the car’s finish, but actually harms the upholstery and interior of the car as well. Scratches are the bane of existence for many car owners and the fact is that there’s no surefire way to protect your vehicle from them while you’re on the road. But once you park, putting a cover over your vehicle will shield it against falling debris, dings and scratches from other sources, and more.

Even something as simple as dirt settling onto a vehicle can cause major problems. That dirt could actually scratch the paint in minor ways. Those minor scratches can grow to major problems, and it’s important to avoid them at all costs. Parking your vehicle in a garage will help, but there’s still the issue of dust settling on the car. This can remove that fresh, just-washed look and may even trigger microscopic abrasions that could grow into easy to spot ones. If you’re serious about protecting your car, going an extra step beyond just parking in a garage is a good idea.

It’s pretty obvious that covering your car with a vehicle cover is a good idea, but just what to look for when shopping for a good cover is an issue that some people are confused about. Basically, you want to find a car cover that offers all-weather defense and is water repellent yet breathable. Look for heavy-duty covers – buying a low quality cover is basically like putting a bed sheet on your car and hoping for the best.

Buy according to your vehicle, as well. Don’t buy an SUV cover and put it on your sedan just because the SUV cover is on sale. The cover needs to fit perfectly or it may blow off in a high wind, and it could fall off if a pet bumps against it. Not only that, but in most cases when you put an improperly sized cover on a car you may eliminate any guarantees of protection that the cover has. And finally, be sure to get a cover that gives you a warranty. The best covers will offer at least a two to four year warranty, and it will let you know that you’re buying a quality cover you can count on. Keep these basic points in mind and protecting your car will be a snap.

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