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Golf Cart Covers

 Golf is a great way to get out and enjoy the sun, the scenery, and get some exercise. But sometimes nasty weather is just par for the course. Whether you’re out on the links or your cart is parked, taking a closer look at golf cart covers and enclosures is a good idea. They’re a very minor upgrade to your golf cart that can make a huge difference. Individuals who own their own golf carts are buying them constantly these days, and plenty of golf courses and country clubs are making serious investments in their golf cart’s reliability and longevity by buying covers and enclosures. If you’re unsure of whether or not they’re worth it, here’s a closer look. We’ll start with a look at golf cart enclosures. These are just what they sound like – canvas and vinyl products that enclose your golf cart. They feature clear fronts and sides and basically turn your golf cart into a mini-car with an interior you can take shelter in. It lets you avoid the wind, the rain, and the bugs when you’re on the course. Some enclosures use screen for the clear sections while others use vinyl or plastic, but in all cases you’ll find that they offer a little extra shelter from inclement situations on the course. Golf cart covers are a little different and are used to store your golf cart. They’re similar to boat covers or automobile covers and basically drape over the cart to shield it from the elements when it’s not in use. They’re the best way to protect your golf cart when not in use, and today most courses and country clubs have added golf cart covers to their fleet in order to keep their carts protected. If you’re a cart owner, it makes sense to make a very small investment in a cover and keep your purchase protected. Sometimes you don’t always need a complete cover, of course. And there are other options beyond just a basic golf cart cover that you can use. Think about things like canopy covers that help shield a bit of rain and sun, for instance, or portable golf cart windshields that attach to the front of a cart and provide protection when you’re on the move. Even golf cart organizers that attach to the interior of the cart and make it easy to organize your things are worthwhile purchases when you’re looking for a way to upgrade your cart. And of course, your clubs are a major investment as well so don’t hesitate to use a cover designed to fit over your clubs and bag and keep them protected from the elements. Basically, adding a golf cart enclosure will allow you to enjoy your time on the course even more than you already do, especially when the rains start to roll in. And a golf cart cover will make it easy to relax when you’re not playing and know that your golf cart is protected. Whether you’re a private owner or a manager of a course or club, taking a closer look at these products is a good idea and could help you make upgrades that will really matter.

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