Sandbox Cover Basics – A General Overview


Custom Sandbox Cover

Whether it’s a part of a play set, playground, or just a freestanding unit, a sandbox is one of the best places for your children to enjoy themselves and be creative. They’re also relatively easy to maintain. Really, when you invest in a quality sandbox cover you’ll have nearly all of the maintenance requirements taken care of. Unlike other types of covers – furniture, boats, or even spa covers – sandbox covers are as important for sanitation as they are for anything else. When it comes right down to it, they’re probably more important for good sanitary conditions than they are for anything else. Basically, a sandbox cover will help keep your kid’s sandbox free from debris like leaves, pine needles, grass, and more. But the main advantage they provide is one some people just don’t want to think about. Even if you don’t own a cat, a sandbox will likely attract neighborhood cats to it like a dog to a bone. There’s no real scientific evidence about it but most sandbox owners can agree that it seems like a cat would prefer it to a litter box every time. With that in mind, finding a good sandbox cover is more important than words can express. You’ll normally be able to find four different types of sand box covers, each one made from a different material and each one offering very different advantages. The first is known as Commercial 95. This material is similar to another option, marine grade vinyl mesh. Both of these options are designed to keep all debris out of a sandbox, eliminate those nasty kitty intrusions, and are very affordable. They won’t keep out water, but in many cases wet sand is even more fun that dry sand – ask anyone who’s made a sand castle. Another advantage of these covers is that in the case of the mesh covers you’ll actually be able to see what is inside the sandbox. If you’ve got a kid who’s more than a little forgetful, this makes locating lost items a little bit easier. Custom poured rubber vinyl sandbox covers are just what they sound like. They’re made from a solid material that is designed to keep out rain, snow, dirt, debris, and feline invasion. The solid poured rubber option is a little bit more expensive but will deliver much better results and button down your sandbox perfectly. If you have a fairly standard sandbox you may be able to find ready-made stock sandbox covers. In other cases, a custom sandbox cover will be needed to provide the level of protection you and your child deserve. In both cases, adding a sandbox cover will protect your sandbox from anything. Whether it’s cat droppings or grass that a lawnmower has slung into a sandbox, cleaning out a sandbox every time your child wants to play with it is a pain in the neck. A sandbox cover not only lets you avoid the hassle, but gives you peace of mind that any time your little ones want to feel the sand between their toes, they’re not getting a nasty surprise as well.

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