Custom Shade Cloths Cover It All!

Shade Cloth Swatch - TanShade Cloth PergolaShade Cloth Swatch - Red

If you are looking for a durable, easy to use, and beautiful way to provide cover around your home, you should definitely consider shade cloth. If you are not familiar with shade cloth, it is a knitted or woven material that is waterproof, fade resistant, and UV blocking. It is extremely moisture resistant and can hold up to the most extreme temperatures. It is perfect for covering playground areas, pergolas, patios, carports, entryways, gazebos, porches, dog kennels, or any other area where you want to provide a cooling and comfortable shade. Shade cloth can be easily attached to any wooden structure with screws because lock stitch construction prevents tearing or fraying when the material is cut. You can purchase any amount of fabric and trim it to fit your needs. You will not be disappointed with this shade covering.

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