Cool, Unique Shade Sails


 Shade SailShade Sail

Shade sails, also known as sun sails, are quickly gaining popularity in the US and are a beautiful way to shade your backyard, patio, courtyard, or children’s play area. A shade sail is a large, geometric shape of fabric that is stretched nice and tight over an area to provide shade. They are wonderfully versatile and can be attached to many surfaces, including trees, homes, and columns or posts. They can also be taken down seasonally as required. With the proper tension, shade sail fabric will not wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind. You can find these sails in a variety of different fabrics and fabric weights, all designed to block harmful UV rays.  There simply is not another product on the market that can provide the protection and elegance of shade sails. They are the perfect combination of decorative and functional!

One thought on “Cool, Unique Shade Sails

  1. Manny Rodriguez says:

    Looking for shade wood deck. Hyo free standing 16 feet x 12 feet. Will need posts to hold sail or sails

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