Start planning your outdoor living space using Shade Sails

Custom Shade Sails (Sun Shades) and standard sized Shade Sails are very economical and an extremely easy way to shade your outdoor living areas.

Also known as Sun Sails, they give your outdoor area a stylish and unique concept, due to their unique and symmetrical designs. They provide excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV radiation at a modest cost compared to building a permanent structure.

Shade Sails Installed Over a Deck

Benefits of Shade Sails Include:

  • Blockage from the sun’s harmful UV rays – up to 97%
  • Helps prevent sunburn and cancer due to the UV blockage
  • Helps regulate the outdoor temperature with cooling shade
  • When used up against a house, it reduces the heat from the sun, thus reducing your cooling costs
  • Economical, much cheaper than building a structure
  • Makes your outdoor living area, more inviting to your guests
  • Comes in many sizes and colors to choose from.
  • Sunbrella, Commercial 95 and Coolaroo fabrics that will not rot or mildew
  • Can be used to replace canopies, awnings and umbrellas.
  • Use over pools, ponds, plants, decks and porches to extend their seasons
  • Protects your patio furniture, grilles, and play sets from the harmful UV rays
  • Draws attention with the colors and designs in commercial and retail areas
  • Easy to remove and install, especially for taking down in the winter months
  • Some Fabrics have up to a 15 year limited warranties and 1 year on workmanship.

Sun Sail Shades are very easy to install; they can be attached to homes, trees, or free standing steel poles or wooden posts. They can be connected to a house or between buildings with the proper hardware. 

In an open area they will need to be supported by wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings, and they can be left up year round or easily removed for seasonal use.

NOTE* it is recommended that they be taken down in areas of the country that receives snow regularly. Snow loads could possibly cause damage to them if they are left up year round.

13 thoughts on “Start planning your outdoor living space using Shade Sails

  1. Larry Lewis says:

    Dustin, as far as better, it would depend on what you require from your shade sail. Is it just for shade and UV protection, or do you want it to also be water resistant to protect you from the rain? Both fabrics offer the same amount of shade and UV protection, but if you want it to also be water resistant, that would be the Sunbrella fabric. However, there is an installation requirement that the Sunbrella shade sail be installed with an 18 to 20 degree slope for water runoff. If this requirement is not met, it would void the warranty of your shade sail and could cause serious damage to individuals, the shade sail, the structures that they are mounted to. The Commercial 95 fabric is a tight weaved mesh that can be installed completely flat since they will not hold water but with the same shade and UV blockage as the Sunbrella shade sails. Also Sunbrella is a top of the line canvas fabric used on awnings, umbrellas, shade sails and many other products, that is slightly higher in price than the Commercial 95 shade sails. I hope this helps with your decision on which one will work best for you.

  2. Sharon says:

    I was glad to see the comment and response above since I was also curious about the difference between the two fabrics. I am interested in putting shade sails over a portion of my pool to offer relief from the sun. Since both fabrics have the same shade and UV protection, which one do you recommend for swimming pools? Does a 4 x 4 post provide ample support for the sails? How far apart to the supports need to be?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thank you!

  3. Larry Lewis says:

    In your case, since you are wanting to cover part of your swimming pool, then you will probably want a Commercial 95 mesh shade sail. It will give the same amount UV protection and Shade but since it is a mesh, it won't hold water and have to be hung with a slope for water runoff. You can go to our site at this link for our standard sized shade sails. Commercial 95 Standard Sized Shade Sails Or you get get a custom shade sail if needed. As far as the post, 4x4's are usually too small and can bend and twist due to the tension from the shade sails. We normally suggest at least a 6x6 when using wood posts or schedule 80 pipe.
    Thanks for the interest in Shade Sails and

  4. Sharon says:

    I am interested in purchasing a sail shade for my back deck. Do installation directions come with the shades? Are there local installers in my area? If yes, how do I locate?

    I look forward to hearing back from you.


  5. Tom F says:

    I just wanted to say that I will definitely be purchasing one of these, well actually I just did while writing this! They are so unique and I have always had AMAZING customer service when purchasing items from your company! I just ordered a sandbox cover a few days ago and it just came in and I am very pleased with how it turned out! It looks just like the picture online and does everything its said to do! Thank you for always emailing me back fast and answering back the day you open the message! You are definitely rated FIVE STARS in my book!

    Thanks again! Im very excited to get my shade sails i have ordered!

    Signed Tom!

  6. Conservatory Shades says:

    The designs are really good. The shade sails are very useful for shading outdoor areas and covering the things from sunlight and rains. A plus point these can be conveniently installed.

  7. Caty says:

    I live in a coastal area with high winds….sometimes up to 60 mph. Will the Commercial 95 hold up to that? what webbing should i get? i am interested in the square and going to place it in the high/low position on 4 6×6 wood post.

  8. Larry Lewis says:

    Our Commercial 95 shade sails are designed to handle gusts up to 50 – 60 mph. But with wind that is more extreme than normal areas, we would recommend our two inch webbing over the standard 1 1/2 inch webbing. Size can also dictate which perimeter webbing should be used, if the square footage is over 345 square feet then we must use the 2 inch webbing.

  9. Annika Larson says:

    I love gardening, but at times the harsh sun makes it unpleasant. I would absolutely love these shade sails to provide protection without the cost of an entire structure. There are really so many benefits that I hadn’t thought of. I didn’t realize that the fabrics are so durable with a 10-year warranty. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Winston Florence says:

    I am interested in finding out more info re: Size of material , grommets, wind strength? I have approx 12 X 18 Pergola and would like to put a flat cover over the top, Will water filter through the material? What is the cost of extra grommets if needed? I;m thinking that the Commercial 95 is my answer. Can it be sewn together to meet the total coverage

  11. Larry Lewis says:

    Hello Winston,
    We offer custom shade cloth made to the dimensions you provide and can add grommets around the perimeter as well. The material is mesh so will allow the water to seep through as well as the air so therefore keeping you cooler under the pergola. If you would like to receive a quote via email please complete the form in this link or send us an email to [email protected]. Thank you for your interested in

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