RV Cover Basics – A Closer Examination

RV Cover Do you know what has been around for over one hundred years and in that time has always provided families with fun, adventure, and the ability to make a vacation even more affordable? The answer is Recreational Vehicles. RVs have been on the roads for more than a century and are still going strong, helping cut vacation costs, create a more meaningful bond with your family, and more. There are plenty of RV owners who are retirees, traveling the country and enjoying the sights in style. There are also plenty of owners who are younger families looking for a cheaper way to stay while they’re taking their vacation. No matter who you are, taking care of your RV is important. Everyone takes care of the basics in their RV – things like the tires, oil changes, and so on. But when your RV is parked you can’t afford to ignore it. A 2005 study found that RVs are really only used an average of about twenty six days out of the year. That means that for 339 days, the average RV is parked. Maybe it’s parked in your garage, but in most cases it finds itself in your backyard, a driveway, or maybe in an outdoor storage facility depending on your space. While that’s a normal method of storing your RV, you need to remember that just because an RV can stand up to the elements for a while, that doesn’t mean that it should be expected to. An RV parked in the elements will get a lot of abuse, more than most people realize. The sun is probably enemy number one, and it can weaken the exterior of an RV, fade colors, and much more. Add in things like rain and snow and the weather alone can really take its toll on an RV. But that’s not all that it will suffer from. Things like falling debris or debris from heavy winds could damage an RV. Bird droppings can accumulate before you know it, and animals or insects can quickly invade an RV. Plenty of RV owners get ready to take their recreational vehicle out on the road only to find out that it’s home to a huge bees’ nest. An RV cover helps prevent all of these issues and more. RV covers are available for pretty much every type of RV out there. Whether you’ve got a Class A, a 5th Wheel, a pop up camper, or a truck camper you’ll be able to find a cover that fits it perfectly. Covers are designed to be used quickly and using them is usually a snap. And since there are numerous RV accessory covers that fit everything from your air conditioner to your gas tanks to your tires, you’ll be able to cover every aspect of your RV and keep it safe. RV covers are made from durable material that still allows the space below them to ‘breathe’, preventing dry rot and other damage that can come from long periods of non-use. Your RV was most likely a major investment for your family, so it’s important that you treat it as such. Oil changes, tire care, and interior cleaning are all important but you should also be sure that you take the time to cover your RV when it’s not in use. An RV cover will help extend the longevity of your RV and give you and your family years of fun.

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