Custom Safety Pool Covers – Getting the Perfect Fit

Custom Safety Pool Cover Your swimming pool is one of the best features of your home. Whether it’s an above ground swimming pool or an in ground one, pools add value to a home, give your family a place to play and enjoy time together, and more. And while a standard pool is perfect for any family, there’s something to be said for a pool that stands out. Unique shapes and sizes on a pool can help yours be a little bit more fun for your family. But those sizes can also make it harder to pick the right swimming pool cover when the time comes to close down your pool.   Closing down your swimming pool for the season is important, and using a safety cover is one of the best options when you have children or pets. Safety covers provide the same benefits of other covers in that they help guard against leaves and debris and also help reduce algae growth. Over the fall these can accumulate and make your springtime setup a huge pain in the neck. But safety pool covers also go above and beyond basic swimming pool covers and prevent accidental drowning. But their design requires that they fit a swimming pool neatly, and with a uniquely sized or shaped pool this can be a challenge.   If you have a pool that is an odd shape or size, custom safety pool covers are your best option, and are really your only option. Safety pool covers attach to anchor points installed around the perimeter of your pool, and the cover itself fits perfectly over the pool’s surface. Straps run from anchor point to anchor point and provide the strength that keeps your family safe – a quality custom pool safety cover will be rated for around 485 pounds per five square feet in terms of strength. So, with all that said, it’s easy to see why a safety cover is the right call for you and your family. But how do you get a custom cover that is right for your pool? It’s actually not as difficult as you may think.   Essentially, a custom swimming pool safety cover will be carefully measured and cut to fit your pool. You’ll usually have experts arrive at your home, take the measurements needed, and then turn in their measurements. Once the cover is ready, they could also help with anchor installation and initial setup of the cover, teaching you how to install it. In other cases you’ll be in charge of taking the measurements yourself. If this is the case, follow the measurement instructions exactly. Remember that things like slides or diving boards that are within one foot of the pool will have to have a cutout for a proper fit. Once the information is taken and turned in you’ll get a quote within a day or so, and then have your cover shipped to you within one to two weeks.   You’ll also have to decide between a solid or mesh custom swimming pool safety cover. A mesh cover allows rainwater or snow to drain through it, back into the pool. Solid covers won’t allow for drainage. The advantage of a solid cover is that it allows absolutely no dirt, debris, or sunlight to penetrate into the pool. But while a mesh safety pool cover will allow some light and dirt to enter the pool, those in areas that receive heavy rainfall or snows will want to opt for mesh since it won’t allow water to pool on top of the cover and weigh it down, which can become a serious hazard.   While plenty of people simply purchase a rectangular swimming pool cover that is large enough to cover their entire pool, most of them don’t realize that by doing so they’re reducing or eliminating its effectiveness as a safety cover and that they’re voiding any warranty it may have. In other words, cutting corners by avoiding a custom pool safety cover isn’t the best idea for any pool. If you’re a pool owner who has a uniquely shaped or sized swimming pool, make the right call for your pool and purchase a custom swimming pool safety cover. It’s a purchase that you won’t regret, and one that will often be easier and cheaper than you probably realize.

2 thoughts on “Custom Safety Pool Covers – Getting the Perfect Fit

  1. Joseph Schindler says:

    I have an 18’x33′ oval above ground pool but it is essentially an inground pool since the rail is completely covered by the deck. Can you provide a material estimate for a new cover?

  2. Holly Yielding says:

    Hello Joseph, Are you looking for a safety cover with the wood deck anchors or just a tarp type pool cover?

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