Prevent Windshield Scraping This Winter

Auto Windshield Cover

As much as we may not wish to think about it, snow is coming.  Maybe not tomorrow; maybe not next week.

But, it’s coming, and the worst thing to do is to watch it arrive unprepared. If you park your vehicle at any time of day or night in an uncovered parking area — the driveway, a parking lot, the side of a road — you know the hassle that can arise from having to scrape, scrape, scrape the ice and snow off of your windshield before you are able to safely drive. 

Scraping is a time consuming, cold, wet, and miserable task, but it doesn’t have to be. One smart and affordable solution is an Auto Windshield Cover that lies on top of your windshield blocking the formation of ice and keeping snow off of the glass. 

Be sure to choose a windshield cover that attaches with straps to the inside of the vehicle so that it stays securely in place.  When you’re ready to drive away, you can quickly and easily remove the cover and any snow or ice that may have accumulated on top of the cover. 

Windshield Covers can also be used on hot, sunny days to block UV rays and prevent excessively hot interior temperatures. The Auto Windshield Cover is a smart solution for year round use and makes a clever gift idea.

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