What Is a Winter Pool Cover?


Winter pool covers are used mainly to protect a swimming pool from winter weather and to keep limbs, leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling into the pool. For an in ground pool, a winter cover is held in place with water bags placed around the edge inside sleeves which are attached to the cover. An above ground pool uses the same type of winter cover, but it is held in place by a combination winch and cable assembly that runs through grommets in the cover. Inflatable air pillows rest on the water under the winter cover to make stick and leaf removal easier, and they also help water to run off the cover. Additionally, a winter cover blocks sunlight to inhibit algae growth.

A winter cover is an important part of winterizing your pool, and it makes opening your pool in the spring much easier and less expensive.

In Ground Winter Pool Covers    Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

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