Choosing a Proper Car Cover Makes Good Sense


Deluxe PolyPro III SUV/Pickup Covers

What is the best kind of car cover to choose? Comparing the available materials is an important first step. If your vehicle is kept outdoors for most or part of a day, look for a cover made with breathable material. Breathable car covers allow condensation to escape from underneath. Over time, moisture that is unable to evaporate from under car covers can cause mildew or corrosion and discoloration. Look also for a car cover that offers excellent protection from weather. The best materials are the newer, high-tech, multi-layered materials that that are lightweight, rugged, breathable, and can handle extremes in temperature and weather conditions. These materials will protect more effectively than cheaper materials like plastic or vinyl.

A car cover that fits properly is another important factor when it comes to choosing the right one for your vehicle. Covers that are too large for the vehicle can fill with air like a balloon on breezy days. If not secured well, a ballooning cover can tear or blow right off of the car. Even if the cover does not blow off of the car, the extra bit of loose fabric that whips against the car’s finish repeatedly on windy days can damage the finish over time. Car covers that fit snugly and that are equipped with elastic hems, ties, or drawstrings are the best choices. Even better are custom car covers that are made to fit your car exactly. Custom car covers generally cost more, but many automobile owners believe the extra expense is worth it.

Overall, taking care of our big investments, like vehicles, is more important than ever now that tough economic times make it difficult to trade in our existing vehicles every few years for shiny new models. Protecting a vehicle with a high quality car cover is a simple and practical way to keep that car’s exterior and interior in good condition for as long as the car continues to run.

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